The new 'offer' is a joke right?

Its your program, i respect this but…

Why not offer the 50% discount on the license upgrades?
The majority of cubase users wait for a sales day to upgrade their licenses.
FEW new customers will buy the discounted project, especially in a time that MAY check it.
Also, in terms of an ‘Anniversary’ event, the ALREADY users will celebrate it. Its desrepectful this event to the rest of the users who support and buy your products for all those years. You exclude them and its like ‘We dont need you, we need new customers’

I think that marketing choice is respecrtufully epic fail.


As always, Steinberg does not think the existing customers are worth anything.
We bought the software at the highest price in the market
And that they are already celebrating something at our expense
They gave a discount to people switching from other programs
I say something like that
If they do not add the discount for upgrading and updating
I’m moving software
There are programs today that companies really listen to and appreciate
What do you think?

Hi guys,

I am sorry that you feel that way. But please keep in mind that there are sales promotions for the updates and upgrades every single year. Same in 2019. Plus there will be weekly deals in May on other products for registered customers as well. You are totally right, this campaign has the focus on new customers, but there will also be deals on the updates for existing Customers later this year.

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I have to agree with the OP. It seems like you should scrap those other sales and include everyone on the 30, 40, 50 year sales. That’s a milestone. Some of use are very loyal to SB and these 10 more years is fantastic. Don’t leave people out simply because you have other offers. Those are great, but every 10 years, make a big deal.

Also get on PluginBotique and sell Cubase.

There are deals on the Cubase updates and upgrades every year. There are also deals on the Valentines Day, Black Friday, End of Summer, Spring Sale, End of Year, you name it… There are deals for existing customers and deals for Cubase LE users. Every year. Just this promotion is focused on the one friend of yours, who always says Cubase is too expensive. There hasn’t been any new customer promotion on Cubase Pro in the last 10 years. This is your chance to spread the word and tell a friend about Cubase.

Yea, I get that. My point is, make one of those - Cubase is too expensive - sales on some other date. The Annual (especially 10 yr) is really fantastic and could be used for everyone to celebrate Cubase. Just a suggestion.

Then other users would complain on some other date. There will be a sales promo on the updates in 2019 for existing customers as well. Just not in May.


maybe you could have offered existing customers a 50% voucher for any Steinberg plugin or extension/sound.

I personally own all Steinberg plug-ins, but maybe one or the other would like to switch to Groove Agent 5 Pro or HalionSonic Pro.

That’s what we are doing:

Celebrate Cubase’s 30th anniversary with us and the Cubase family by saving 50% on Cubase 10*. Are you already using Cubase? Sign up for the newsletter in MySteinberg and check your emails for additional discounts on many other Steinberg products.

Thank you,

I just got an e-mail. 30% on HALion 6. That’s exactly how I imagined it. :wink:


I’ve had EVERY version of cubase since version 1 on the atari and pro24 before that - I have licences for cubase 10, wavelab 9.5 (x2), nuendo 10 plus other SB software. I must have spent many many, many thousands (tens of thousands) on cubase, wavelab and nuendo over the previous 30 years.

I’d like to celebrate with Steinberg too - I feel I have PAID for the right to do that much more than “new” customers - how are you suggesting I do this ?

Does this discount price include CURRENT owners who wish to grab another license?

I am not sure what you are expecting? You already own our software. There were sales earlier this year for HALion, Dorico, Nuendo and some instrument sets. There will be weekly deals on some products during May and there will be way more sales promotions throughout the whole year.

Of course it does.

I suggest you buy a Cubase License it is 50% off - also for you…
Or simply wait, till there is a useful promo coming for you…

Never assume, I did that with ARA2 :cry:

not expecting anything specifically - but it’s a pretty c-rappy and cynical thing to do tell very long term users to “celibrate” and offer new users a massive discount on cubase…ffs you can now get a new licence for cubase and immediately upgrade to nuendo (total £591) for about the price I paid for the update - makes your nuendo licence price look a bit silly IMO

hardy a reason for me to celebrate !! you’ve just devalued all my software - some of which I purchased this year…in fact I’ve done about £800 in cubase/nuendo this year alone.

and yes you could have given existing users some free stuff - other software companies do it all the time - I’ve had hundreds of dollars in plugin alliance vouchers over the last year or so.

shame on you - do the discount but don’t wrap it up as a “celebration”

I don´t assume.

A monthly subscription for ProTools is 29€, does it qualify to get the crossgrade offer?

It is just the Anniversary event that angers. Its a milestone for old users.
You have done offers like this many times, for old or for new users, for upgrades, for anything.
But this goes with a special event that should honor the old customers who supported the company for years…