The new 'offer' is a joke right?

I feel very disappointed because I Just upgraded to Artist 10. Steinberg got my money. Then for the Sales their nothing for upgrades. Only for first time buyers.

My thoughts exactly. Some of the upgrading options are even more expensive than buying Cubase Pro 10 fresh! :open_mouth:
I’ve been with Cubase Pro 8 ever since it came out, and there’s no 30yr anniversary discount for the update so I’ll have to pass…

Can you let us know the code, i’d like to update to halion 6…

Well, its good they’re offering new customers 50% off, wish I got that when I bought it many years ago.

I will be looking out for the upgrade sale, but if you are celebrating, you should be offering some freebies for the current customers, something meaningful, not a sample pack, maybe the full version of Groove Agent or another instrument, or maybe even an upgrade? Let’s celebrate together!

I’ve been using versions of Cubase for almost 30 years. I celebrate having been able to do that.

I realize they need to attract new customers, and that there will be other offers coming down the line.

I also have Absolute and Wavelab. Not sure what they could offer really for long time users.

Maybe toss some of those Yamaha vst fx my way - hint, hint. :wink:

i think its weird like they want me to buy new Cubase or get someone else to instead of upgrade mine

i already have halion from absolute

for me i just wish for fm module in halion

Lets celebrate the anniversary… but dont have any of the celebration cake if you are a loyal Cubase user. New customer$ only.And an upgrade isnt being expected free of charge. We are still expecting to pay for that. Just looking for a bit of a break on the price to upgrade.I understand that that sale is still to come sometime,eventually.Strange way to treat friends imho.

“It is just the Anniversary event that angers. Its a milestone for old users.
You have done offers like this many times, for old or for new users, for upgrades, for anything.
But this goes with a special event that should honor the old customers who supported the company for years…”

I tried to explain this to them but some people just don’t get it. SB could easily do a sale in the middle of Aug for newcomers. But on a 10,20,30…year anniversary, include your user base, else they get disappointed. But like I said, they don’t listen. They think the answer is sufficient but really it doesn’t make sense to most. And yea, I agree, it is a milestone for us from the Atari St, STE, Mega ST, Falcon days. Oh well, live and learn.

Pretty Sh!tty move tbh, excluding your current and long term base on an anniversary promotion is just a bad move whatever way you want to spin it.
Steinberg marketing department did not think this one through and if they did and thought it was a good idea well then what to say?? :frowning:

It could be argued that the more paying users to the product ‘may’ help reduce update prices in the future of course. The last Cubase i owned was an early SX and recently Elements 8.5 up, and i’ve been exclusively Mac/Logic in the interim and only returned as i wanted to move to Windows for audio. Cubase (Pro) was too expensive until this offer came up and i’ve jumped on the bandwagon whereas i would’ve gone Studio One.

So, We’ll all be in the same boat come upgrade date so it’s not like anyones getting a better deal here as previous customers have had years of value from the product already. Personally speaking i’ll probably only update as and when offers become available UNLESS the update brings something i want immediately, and of course promotions like these are done with a sales budget worked out and intended focus.

As current customers we just wait for our deals at later dates thats all, it’s nothing personal, just don’t forget there’s many ex Cubase users out there wanting to return to the platform - from an external perspective it’s doing many things right, i’ll find out how right in the coming months lol.

they could simply include BOTH offers. Upgrades AND new customers… At somepoint they would do the upgrade offer netherless.
It was a golden opportunity to honor on this event also the users who supported SB for years. Everyone would be happy

So, they could budget to have a 25% for all existing/new customers perhaps?, but this is a new customer push hence why they’ve ploughed all the savings into that market focus, and why users like me are able to return to the platform. Issues like how you deal with another dongle go out of the window at this pricing and SB are smart enough to realise that.

This is ADDITIONAL revenue to SB, reduced upgrade pricing for your existing customers would be REDUCING revenue based on targets - from a business perspective it’s far different and not as simple as you think. At the end of the day there’s many staff to pay.

Which is why the existing customer offers will come later off the back of this push. It’s just basic economics, think of those current customers who recently upgraded how they would feel if it was 50% off 24 hours later, that’s a bigger kick in the teeth. Right now, you’re just envious of a deal which is bringing in more revenue that will hopefully benefit yourself further down the road.

That’s my opinion anyway… But, What do i know, i’ve barely set foot in the door yet. :slight_smile:

We mentioned in almost all posts about the offer being in an anniversary event that excludes old users.
Offers like this will come eventually sooner or later and cubase users know this already.
I suggest be more polite to the people who have a different opinion than you and not be rude.

I’m an old cubase user and it included me so totally in the spirit of the anniversary. There’s many ex-cubase users out there from the past 30 years who are looking to come back, so it makes perfect sense and very much of a ‘come home’ campaign in my eyes. If you’ve been making music for a long time then you know that pretty much everyone had gone through Cubase back in the day.

This is business, and there’s staff to pay, they cannot ‘simply’ cut ALL revenue. It’s not a charity run.

If presenting the facts and highlighting that you’re envious is impolite then i sincerely apologise as i wanted to cause no personal malice towards you, but it’s just facts, don’t take things so personally.

Facts are Events. What I think and why I am writing this, is not an event, its an opinion. It’s how I felt when I saw it. You cannot judge my motivation of writing this as a jealously on a price reduction that will come eventually. Apology accepted.

lol you make me laugh, thanks for that :slight_smile:

Years of loyalty betrayed, yes great offer for new users to buy Cubase at 50% price, but why do loyal users of Cubase only get an offer of 30% off a cheaper product (Halion6). Shouldn’t that be offered fairly at 50% off to Loyal Cubase users. :open_mouth: I’m losing my will to keep buying Cubase updates that don’t deliver anyway. ie ARA2 support, yes I understand it will make a show in C10 but most likely won’t work until CB12. I think CB10 will be my last upgrade and will be looking elsewhere soon.

Hmm, I see from this thread folks are receiving updates emails on other items than cubase. I’m subscribed to the newsletter but get nothing, nothing in junk email either???

Happy birthday!

I must agree, this was not done so nice.
That celebration email got me on a rollercoaster of emotions.
I still love Cubase though, and hope there will be an update sale soon for us faithful veterans

It came from for me. And the existing users offer is part of the ‘new’ customers offer email (Just further down) - perhaps you just missed it or have unsubscribed from offers/news?