The new plugin blackvalve in cubase-13

It has terrible aliasing handling.

Compared to a commercial compressor plugin:

What is the point of adding garbage to cubase?
This is way under what should be expected from a DAW in 2023.


I haven’t tried it yet. Adding vst’s like Eq’s and compressors to Cubase I think for a very high percentage of users is pretty redundant and adds little to no value.
I miss a more pure workflow focus for the DAW. Add these things tightly into Cubase workflow and if done in a sensible way we will value these things way more than choosing between a 3rd party plugin and a Cubase stock. The best example for me is Vari Audio, very well integrated into Cubase with Chordtrack and the GUI in general - makes my Melodyne stay unused most of the time.


Adding plugins can be useful. But it need to something unique. This one only adds poor sound qualities and other does it a lot better. Steinberg should focus on what can not be done with plugins. This new plugins was not in Artist version only in PRO. The opposite would have make sense.

Hi @cubace - Thanks for posting.

Not used to seeing these types of spectrogram outputs; to satisfy my ignorance, could you briefly outline what I’m looking at here (what’s good/bad/ideal) if its not too much trouble.? Or, post a web link for me if that’s easier… TIA

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It using steinberg spectrogram.
The test is to run a sweep-tone.
You see the generated harmonics. “the tube sound”.
But you also see that when the generated harmonics that goes above the nyqvist frequency it starts to fold back in to audible part of the spectrum.
This is a digital artefact that we call aliasing.
I think Dan Warral have lot more skills on explaining
so check out this videos.


Ooh.! Thanks… I’ll get coffee and settle in for some ‘quality educating time’. Dan is a top man… :smiley: :muscle:

My Black Valve has vanished from Cubase Artist 13, I can’t find it anywhere, can somebody tell me where this plugin lives? Thanks in advance

It is supposed to be in the dynamics section. And it is still there on 13.0.20 pro.

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Compare the Versions of Cubase | Steinberg

see what is included in which version here. Black Valve is only in Cubase Pro.

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I could have sworn I had it installed recently but clearly not. Thanks for clarifying it is only in Cubase Pro.