The new Re-Record feature is great, but...

after 25 years of press * to stop record, it’s gonna take a while to get used to!

Re-Record is a new and optional way to record. I agree it will take some getting used to, but you can always record the standard way.

Yes I know! I’d prefer if there was another key instead of * which triggered it, like alt+*

Are you saying that this key command is hard-coded? Can’t you just re-assign it like other preferences?

Sure hope so.

In the studio I am mainly an engineer but I can see where self recording musicians
might like that ‘Key Command’ to also be assigned to a foot pedal.

Altho’ for me using the same ‘record’ key would not be soooo bad.

Bottom line for me; this is a simple yet ‘killer function’.
Tanx Steiny.


It’s hard coded and cannot be changed at present. My original post was said in jest. I will get used to it, but it’s gonna be hard after 25 years!

I haven’t got the new download yet… Are you’re saying is the record button has been reprogrammed so a 2nd click re-records?


When you´re in re-record mode- yes.

Careful with this mind… all previous recordings/attempts are GONE as soon as you hit Re-Record…! maybe you play a cool ‘bit’ (a lick/phrase/run) in one pass that you want to emulate in a next more complete pass and well, as we all know, every next take is rubbish - you might not ever get it back…!

Moral…? If you do hit a sweet spot, save it - before hitting Re-Record again (for subsequent experiments etc…)

just saying…

It´s still in the pool, so considering all those drama queens on the forum, let´s not make it more drama than it is…?

Thanks for that clarification. I usually press stop, L, Ctrl-Z and then record again. With Ctrl-Z being optional so that I can keep the take if it had a good start but just failed in the middle. Actually I reckon this is better because Ctrl-Z removes from the pool as well, which keeps it tidier. Have to play with this feature when I’ve upgraded.


What is hard coded? in OSX some key commands are hard coded? I set ctrl + r for my record button and just hit that when i want to re-record, works great but I can set any key command i want for the record button…

Sure, but it’s the same button for Re-Record.

ah, so you would like a different button to re-record? that makes sense…

Re-Record for MIDI.

how does this work with the recording buffer.

would it keep any MIDI takes in memory, and populate lanes with the SHIFT+* command.

now that would be nice…

p.s. i haven’t installed yet otherwise i would try myself.

TIA (thanks in advance)

Really…? ok… I mention it here having already been told, that that wasn’t the case - from SB demonstrator at recent MPS show in London. Haven’t actually tried myself; you obviously have…

But to be more precise - it´s in the pools´s trash bin, but nevertheless it´s still there until you delete the trash

Does it? I think you guys have missed the point of who benefits the most from this feature, and it’s not (lazy) engineers.

It’s for musicians that operates Cubase them selves, while recording. Imagine yourself a guitar player. You start recording and make a mistake. What would you rather do? Start messing with control keys or having to remember to use anther key than the record key to record?

Hitting the record key easily becomes a reflex, and will not cause you to loose focused on what’s important. PLAYING!!!
The Record key is the only logical option for this feature. It also lets you assign a footpedal quite easily.

As thinkingcap pointed out, the botched take is still there in the Pool should you want it.

Cool. Thanks for double-checking… maybe I mis-heard the guy. Drama over.

It took me all of about 5 times to get used to the re-record function (and to press space rather than record to stop recording)…so it’s probably the EASIEST new feature of 7.5 to get used to for me. It’s handy too!