The new TRACKIMPORT dialog question


I have two projects where the drum tracks are identical regarding in/outs/groping and in a folder track.

When I have mixed the drums in the first project I thought I reuse that mix/plugins/ routing/… I select all tracks in the Import Dialog, DESELECT the events and parts i o I just want to use the mix for the new project, I Select MATCHINg, click OK…

But now all my drum tracks has disappeared And I believe some other tracks also has…

So. Do I misunderstand something here? What?

Please help…
Micke S.

I also cannot import tracks from previous projects, with events and audio in 10.3.

I can in N10.2.20.

Working as expected here. I imported tracks from a project made in the previous version. A combination of instruments, midi, audio, FX and groups. Inc automation. Events were deselected and the project opened as expected.

Ok…one that can.and two who dont…anyone else that can enlighten me?.

I was trying to import into an ongoing large project, so there is a possibility that
they got lost with all the visibility maze going on. I will have to re-test.

Soderlund do you have the same problem importing to an empty project?

Working as expected here.

So far:

Mac = Works
PC = No Joy

I am not at the computor but I tried in a empty project first , just to check if it really worked…he he…And it did.

It is a little strange that all the drum tracks in the folder just. Vanish …

I could be wrong, but check if you have the setting “Import to same position” on or off
in the Import Dialog Box.
I’m not by the computer now so I’m not sure on the exact wording.
But that could import tracks and event data to tricky locations within the project, that
are Off in Visibility.

It did to me, so I had not only extra audio events sounding at the wrong time,
but also made me think Importing wasn’t working because they were hidden in Visibility,
and because of the “Import to same position” setting.

Thanks for input,

But when importing only tracks not events, the position should not be important? Anyway, I was of the same idea as you and checked the whole projectwindow for the new tracks… well I have to do more research when I am in front of daw…