The new Transport Panel is useless (to me)

Hi there :slight_smile: !

I’ve just purchased the new Cubase 10.5, and it’s all amazing… except the Transport Panel. It was necessary to make it so thin :open_mouth: ??? Why for Christ’s Sake :frowning: ???

The new desing is simple useless for me. Not to mention the desapeared marker numbers, limited to 8 now.

It would be great if you retrieved the old and well designed 9.5 version in the next update if possible. Or make the new one costumizable to make it double height at least.

If you read this post and think like I do, please leave your coment below to help me to convince Steinberg about this.

Thanks and regards.

I agree, for me this is the biggest disadvantage of Cubase 10.

I have seen that there’s a lot of complaints about this subject since Cubase 10, and it hasn’t been corrected in the 10.5 release. I hope Steinberg fix this in the next update, or at least make the new bar resizable and costumizable.

There is already a big thread open at the first page in the “general” section (95 replies). Please use the search function. It does not help opening 10.000 threads of the same thing. It’s way better to keep the discussion going in a single thread.