The new windows update haze broken cubase.

I have windows 10 on my desktop computer. One week ago i have update windows. Now cubase can’t start anymore.

1.I have updated windows.

  1. Start cubase 9.5.21

  2. It will show intializing in the left corner.

  3. When VST Audio System shows a installer window will open.

  4. Windows installer: preparing installation.

  5. This window will show until it can’t complete it’s upjective.

  6. It will stay stuck ad this point.

Had the same issue…

  1. disable you audio interface
  2. unistall yamaha audio drivers
  3. unistall TOOLS
  4. reinstall audio drivers
  5. start cubase (should work now) - close it
  6. reinstall TOOLS
  7. start cubase

I also had to relaunch the elicenser control center.