The notes and its head

Hi !
I have two questions!
How do I make the notes SMALLER, very SMALL NOTES?
I want to have only the HEAD not the line on the note, how to do?

Select a Note, and then look in the Properties panel at the bottom. In the Common section, there is a “Scale” option, which provides various set sizes (Grace, cue, Cue-Grace), and “Custom Scale”, which you can set to a percentage.

In Engrave mode, there is also a property to Hide Stem in the Notes and Rests section.

Hi @stagren - there are a few ways to get small notes, and the best way will depend on what you want the small notes to represent? Can you expand a bit on your situation?

I want a cluster of many very small notes perhaps 15 and if possible just one horisontal line in the notesystem

Is this a cadenza? In which case, use Grace Notes.