The OFFICIAL Cubase 9 update moan zone.

Has the quality of moaning gone down in comparison to previous Cubase updates?

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  • I hate Steinberg

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This thread is a dedicated space for all the complaints/moaning/abuse/arguing etc. that have become something of a tradition during the December Cubase update season. It now feels like an integral part of the run up to Christmas.

Allow me to start the ball rolling….

AAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!! I HATE you Steinberg. You just made this shitty piece of software EVEN MORE shitty than the last SHITTY update! Cubase has been completely unusable since Cubase Audio XT 3.0 in 1996. Why the hell did you not implement EVERY SINGLE detail of what is on MY PERSONAL wish list EXACTLY as I have imagined it in MY mind?
You ONLY attempted to implement 4 out of the 5 most wanted features on your customer survey. That is a DISGRACE. How dare you present me with this pathetic excuse for software, in order that I may freely choose whether or not to pay the disgusting sum of 99 Euros for it.

Ha,does seem to be a tradition lol.
Who needs Bezier curves,I much prefer brasier curves.

Now added a pole to gauge satisfaction with the quality of moaning amongst the user base.

Who needs Bezier curves,I much prefer brasier curves.

English is not my native language. So i didn’t know what brasier curves are. I googled it and i wasn’t disappointed :laughing:

Was the mispelling of “poll” a Freudian slip?

Haha. Look, this thread is specifically for moaning about the Cubase 9 update. If you wish to complain about my spelling mistakes please start your own thread. :slight_smile:

LOL :slight_smile:

LOL, love this thread :smiley: :smiley:

How DARE you suggest I am still living with my mother and fighting imaginary battles of Good versus Evil and am not interested in resolving problems with Cubase but only want to satisfy my emotional need to feel relevant and powerful by sneering and denigrating the development of the software on which I apparently rely for my livelihood ON A DAILY BASIS.




Theeeeere ya go! Feels good doesn’t it? :laughing:

I is goin back to a microphone and tape recorder,much more artisticer anyway,take that Steinberg, :confused:

Ok one BIG Moan is Blacklist,it is more problematic,than useful,another BIG issue you still can’t move channels around in the Mixer,come on how hard can this be?

I actually saw the guy who requested sampler tracks, which were implemented almost exactly per his request, create a thread bashing Steinberg for stealing his idea


The phrase " Great minds think alike" comes to mind… Now we know what kind of demographic influences and appeals to steiny… (lol)
JK… C9 has been pretty smooth so far… lots of easy stuff not implemented that would have made all our lives better and only a few minutes to code… but eh… There is hope… At least they are attempting to use their ears to listen to the music… (whatever that music may be.:stuck_out_tongue:)
And although this secret snapshoft of the Requests section worries me a little, I am sure that things are going to be fine…:

Please consume this post with a dash of humor and put some cream onto that thin skin if you feel offended… And yeah, we are musicians, not internet forum diplomats who need to put on a mask and try to sell refrigerators to penguins in Antarctica…
Sometimes we *stick it to the man" thats somewhat of a musician tradition… cant blame us for being ourselves now can ya? :stuck_out_tongue:
Now back to the other thing… peace, harmony, love and all the other good stuff… hopefully via cubase :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you again, dear Steiny- C9 feels very good so far=)

Njoy your Weekend=)

You know, while this is a moaning topic, please allow me to ventilate a bit. It might feel a bit abrassive to some, but then again love hurts. Don’t take below personal, It’s just my feeling, who the shoe fits…

This whole idea of turning Cubase into 1 big modulation fest, like the lovechild of a threesome between S1, Reaktor and Bidule, is getting beyond ridiculous. Cubase is not 1 big modulair synth which just happens to have a build in sequencer and has a huge modulation matrix. It’s a world class daw and it should stay that way. It’s the foundation and core toolset of many studios with booked agendas who just need to do their job. They’ve chosen Cubase, because Steinberg’s view of what a daw and it’s workflow should look like, serves them best, not PT, not S1, not Reaper, not Live, CUBASE. Period!

Just like in a bad relationship, when you no longer love your partner, Or you feel getting into this relationship was a mistake, call it a day and move on to someone you love. Don’t try to force him/her into something he/she is not (note how considerate and inclusive I can be when I want to?)

For all you S1 flirters, stop asking for Cubase to become a S1 or reaper clone. Just move on. Cubase is just not for you. You like blond and Cubase is a red hair, she will NEVER dye it blonde, just go S1.

Or just buy Avenger or Reaktor and Bidule and modulate things till the cows come home. This “youtube tutorial flavour of the week cross modulation mangle stuff” needs to be catered for on VST(i) level NOT on DAW level.

Man, Agreed on all points. I really like Cubase 9. It still feels familiar yet everything seems to just click a bit better, as far as things being easily accessible. One thing I didn’t love was that they seem to have removed the keyboard shortcut to flip through inspector tabs in favor of a shortcut to just switch tabs for whatever’s in focus. The problem being, sometimes I’d like to switch inspector tabs when the inspector’s not in focus. Then I’d have to click on it, which obviously negates the point of a keyboard shortcut. It’s a minor setback though and I’m very much enjoying the Lower Zone’s navigation key commands.

Raphie, your MO seems to be to go around and make snide remarks about everybody who wants a feature that wouldn’t benefit you personally. And that seems to be… well just about every feature request, up to and including bezier curves, which is about as close to a unanimous request as you can get. I’ve got a solution that I think would make everybody happy. How about you just stick with Cubase 9 forever since it’s already perfect, and then the rest of us can speculate on how to improve it, sans your wonderful input?

I just don’t think beziers are an improvement over plot dots.
I just prefer drawing, opposed to pulling an anchorpoint into shape. What’s wrong with that?
And I’m pretty sure more people think that way.

I’m just angry

The point of that paragraph… was not bezier curves.

Haha… This forum needed some light relief, great thread.
I’m seeing a lot of this:
Angrydude: “What?!!? YOU took away all my 32 bit plugs with no warning whatsoever. I hate you.”
SB: Actually dude, we told everyone months ago.


Angrydude2: pluginX is blacklisted. Screw you Steinberg.
Everyone else: The 64 bit version works fine over here?