The old Xeon vs i7 question - has there been any update?

I’m tossing up a new system.

I’m currently running a 3 year old 3930k processor, which according to still benchmarks at 12062. The most expensive i7, the $1700 (Australian dollars) 5960X only hits 15982, which would be nice, but hardly mindblowing, given the pricetag and 3 year interim.

Soooo, I’m once again eyeing those juicy Xeons. The Intel Xeon E5-2699 v4 @ 2.20GHz benches at 24481, and is also $1700 here. I’ve often heard Xeons offer no benefit over i7s for audio, but is that still the case? It seems to be a moving target with Cubase now allegedly making better use of multiple cores etc.

Any thoughts / experience would be appreciated.

This chart gives some more DAW specific figures.

Your old processor isn’t on there but at stock should rate above the 2600 and below the 5820.

Thanks. I guess that pretty much answers that. There’s still no real advantage, and the $1700 i7 would seem to be the best there is.

Xeon processors support ECC ram, allow for more cores and have a bigger L3 cache preventing bottle necks.