The one thing I want from this OTHER DAW_____________

I would really love to see the “Ableton Live” Session View or Clip Launcher in Cubase implemented.

  1. Would like to have Folder Track that would optionally work as a bus too (w/ inserts, sends etc) very much like Pro Tools has.

  2. Pre-Fader Metering

  3. Option to show Inserts and Sends along with Faders in Lower Zone.


Yes, very handy feature that. Logic has the summing track stacks which I missed when returning to Cubase - very similar.

Summing tracks in Logic is a great feature both for layering unlimited Instrument Tracks (vs 5 in Cubase?) and used in a very simular war like in Pro Tools. Unfortunately you cannot Sum Track a Sum Track, but it’s closer to the feature I would like Cubase to implement, yes!

I would love to be be able to free warp multiple tracks at the same time.

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I actually came here to post about spectral peaks lol. I find it extremely useful for editing and organizing. So much so that it is hard for me to edit in other DAWs. Not only can it help to give you an idea of what the content of an upcoming section might be - or which words are being spoken or sung ("ok, I see that the next 25 seconds of audio is clearly just the narrator repeating the same phrase over and over again but making a mistake each time, so I can probably save some time by skipping to the last occurrence of the phrase which appears to be at x spot according to the repeating color patterns in the peaks). But it can also give you a surprisingly good idea of the content of a file. If it is a bunch of tones you are using for sound design, the spectral peaks can show you which tones are in each region (“I know the green waveforms are x Hz, and purple are y Hz”) or, perhaps more importantly, the identity of the voices in a particular session (“I know the reddish section is speaker X who has a low voice, while the greenish section is speaker Y who has a higher voice”)… honestly I could go on and on about how useful spectral peaks are. A great option to have that many people would find surprisingly useful :slight_smile:

External Tempo. Specifically Midi Clock.

Let me write a Midi Clock track… and have that be the tempo track. Ableton can to it.

Yea, I just got DP on Crossgrade, since it was cheap ($195 Tax-Free) and I’m kind of digging it for the MIDI Orchestration and Video stuff… I really like how it handles Articulation Maps and editing Articulations in the lower zone of the PRV.

However, it also seems pretty nice for production of other genres, and the Clip Launcher is very nice (as is the NanoSampler 2 - the Time Stretching Algos are amazing); so I’m going to play with it a bit more going forwards since the UX is very different and that is where most of the learning curve is (layout, nomenclature, keyboard navigation).

I’m honestly thinking about getting Falcon 2.5 and replacing Cubase/HALion with it on my studio workstation. I’m only using it on my Laptop atm, since I’m away visiting family for this holiday.

The only thing I am missing from Cubase is MusicXML Import, but it seems to import MIDI files well, at least for the tests that I’ve run.