The only problem with this forum structure

Is that you are entrusting the users to not be lazy (or unaware) to add ‘tags’ to their new threads.

For example, do you really trust people to add ‘Feature Requests’ tag, or do you think people are just going to post FRs without any tag?

I don’t think it will work, having everything crammed into one forum, we need the sub-forums back.

Feature Requests

and imo, there needs to be a Project/Logical Editor sub-forum.

yes - things need to be tagged correctly

for example you have tagged this “cubase” :slight_smile:

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well this new forum really confuses me.
probably need more time to used to it, but would be nice if the Sub-forum section will be back.

I’m fine with the forum change in general, but I think getting rid of the sub-forums is a logistical mistake for both users and the moderators/developers who read the forums.

I mostly hung out in Feature Requests and Issues, and would just go straight to those pages.

And now you have people on Cubase 9, 10, 10.5 posting issues all in the same forum - because - they may not take the time to add the proper tag.

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We discussed whether to enforce particular tags (e.g. Cubase version) to be set when creating a post and decided to go with reducing the friction to creating a topic in the first instance. However we will revisit this decision as we review how things are going.

Fair enough,

I would say at least if possible, create “faux sub-forums” which are essentially just shortcuts to tagged filters, and then if people create a new thread while within that tag, it automatically adds that tag to their new thread.

This would at least, to some degree, mitigate problems of people not tagging their threads, and it’s actually much less cumbersome user-side… I post %90 in Feature Requests, so to always have to be adding that tag is an annoyance.

-Cubase Master Forum
–General (tag link)
–Presales (tag link)
–Feature Requests (tag link)
–Issues (tag link)
–Scoring (tag link)
–Scripting (tag link) : Project/Logical Editor, Input Transformer, Generic Remote/Advanced MIDI

If I click the ‘Issues’ tag link, then it is essentially taking me to the Master Forum, with the ‘Issues’ tag already added. Any new thread I create from then on (unless I remove the tag, or go back and select a different tag forum) will then have ‘Issues’ tag added.

If possible to take a step further, you could allow users to add what version of Cubase they have to their profile, which is automatically added as a tag when creating new thread.

Actually, in regards to my previous idea, I seen you’ve done this with the Virtual Instruments forum. The only difference is, if using the VI forum as an example being applied to Cubase forum, is that clicking on Virtual Instruments would by default select ‘All’ Tag.


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