The only reason for me to buy Cubasis...

Hello everyone.
As stated before, the only reason i’d like to buy Cubasis is because I need it to trigger WAV backing tracks with MIDI programming, and have some markers in the session so I can tell the app which song I want to play next. I already have programmed this session, on Cubase 6.5, 7 and 7.5. All I need Cubasis to do, is to be able to import the Cubase session into the iPad and run it thru an Alesis I/O Dock II (that I haven’t purchased, but will if Cubasis does deliver…) just so I can trigger the backing track and control 2 Line6 POD processors via MIDI.

Tell me it will work.
I don’t want to take my laptop to gigs anymore, and I’m running out of options here (although TBH I haven’t found any other options capable of playing audio and MIDI simultaneously thru an iPad or any similar device…)


if I understood correct, you want to Cubasis to function as a slave and to Start/Stop from markers in your project? Cubasis is MIDI clock compatible but only as MASTER.


Hi Zednemrock,
I am also looking for such solutions… I have been using OnSong for my chord sheets and projection etc.
It can trigger both audio and midi files when a song is chosen, you don’t need MIDI to trigger that bit - maybe just the bluetooth footpedal will suffice for you?

You can use Cubasis to trigger/control most external MIDI devices, but you won’t be able to open Cubase sessions.
Cubase can open Cubasis projects, but the other way round is not possible.

Hi all,

John from Music App Blog came up with an interesting tutorial how to exchange data from Cubase to Cubasis: