The only thing that's wrong with me is U(K)

Hi Folks,

I just finished a new song in Cubase 7.5 - which is for the Scottish Independence Referendum in September. It’s basically a breakup song :smiley:

And - to my German friends… World Cup!!! Well done!! :sunglasses:

Hope you like it and all feedback gratefully received

Michael Doris

A good song…nice atmosphere in it :slight_smile: like the singing :slight_smile: piano sounded a bit heavy on the right would’ve preferred the piano in the middle and there is a timing issue starting around 2.15 when the drums come in…bass drum and piano don’t gell :frowning: seems a pity to spoil such a good song with this small problem,

cheers, Kevin :slight_smile:

Cheers Kevin. Will have a look at the piano panning . You are spot on about timing issues I handy picked them up but they are so obvious lol. Was going to go back and rework the ending as I am not happy with it. I feel it deflates a little bit and may be better to keep the guitar solo going.

It’s a good song and worth the extra effort…

OK - a new version is uploaded here

I’m clicking the link and getting “sorry we can’t find that track”…can you check your link?

Sorry got truncated-here you go

Yeah…sounds better to me…but the piano sounds to up in the mix (but maybe that’s a personal thing) much better now the timing issue is sorted…good song, really like the song which is the main thing for me! also being picky…the mix is a bit left heavy…but wait until you get some other listens and see if they confirm…


Track not found :imp:

Best practice is to update your original post, to prevent folks clicking of numerous links :laughing:

Thanks & done! Apologies Soundcloud generates a new url when I upload the new version

That’s one of the best titles I’ve seen!

This genre is not what I’d usually listen to, but I think the arrangement and audio quality is impressive.

What prompted me to respond was the excellent title, and also to expess my political (with a small p) views - as a Welshman living in London for most of my life, I’ m saddened to think my Scottish brothers and sisters may no longer be part of the celtic counterbalance to the worst excesses of small island mentality in the UK.

Enjoyable song nonetheless!


Hey Steve,

huge thanks for listening and the feedback. Much appreciated.

I think if Scotland does leave the UK it will have been not out of choice but necessity. Maybe it will be the catalyst for change for the rUK to follow?



message from Wales


Nice one Michael!


The song is cool yeah. The vocal has a nice deep and breathy quality at the beginning. The aaahs work well also to support the vocal but the harmonies don’t do anything for me as they are; I think it’d work better without them. The piano bass notes sound oddly separated, like there are two pianos at different places. The piano bass sounds too far left and separated/distant from the right hand notes.

I’ve just began watching the Dave Pensado ‘Into the Lair’ videos on his Youtube channel (as a mixing novice learning lots of cool concepts) and one of the things that stood out to me (that I probably wouldn’t have picked up on before) is I think the shakers could be EQ’d to cut through better. They work really nicely though and fill in that part of the sound. The balance, aside from piano, sounds alright though. At the outro the left channel isn’t balanced with the right, or spread too far idk. It sounds as though everything is panned hard left, so I took my left earbud out and there was actually a fair bit of sound in my right ear so idk what happened there.

Nice songwriting anyway, though I don’t really follow politics. :open_mouth:

Good song, when is the vote?
The shakers drive me crazy when listening in head phones, they distract from the song cut them down in volume and cut freq from 200 down, maybe pan them closer to center also. If it were me I would use a Tambourine instead.

It might be the verb on electric piano causing the imbalance in bass to left hand? I would also suggest playing with EQ and rolling off low end to get a proper left/right frequency balance. Not sure how you would achieve this properly but you should be aware that there is issue on it.

Really worth fixing the mix on this though


Good song, little problems with the mix.

The shakers are too much loud (this was said)
The balance (L-R) is a little bit of the place
The guitar can be better.

The main thing is that the song is a good one

BTW, I head and just love it!

nice, v. britpoppy. :] the tuning of the vocals wanders a bit too much at (a few) places, a bit too much to not make it worth the effort and fixing it a bit. especially the word ‘with’ as in ‘with my memories intact’, is a bit too flat & nondiatonic (of course only imho – it’s a nice piece nontheless). also some bits in the chorus.