The only thing that's wrong with me is you

Hi guys,

I’ve just finished a song on Cubase 8.5.15 called ‘The only thing that’s wrong with me is you’.

I’d love to hear what you think! :stuck_out_tongue:


Really great song, great performance. Congratulations!
What would I have done differently?
a) Chorus after 30 seconds is too early
b) Towards the end of the track that tambourine becomes toothless and needs support from a real snare

Well done! Great singing. Good mix. Love the title!

Aw thanks guys - great feedback :slight_smile: I’m quite chuffed you like the vocals as I don’t consider myself much of a singer :blush: I was hoping Adele or someone might end up doing a proper job on it :laughing:

very nice…totally enjoyed it!


Thanks very much Frank! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Great performance! I really like the vocals on the chorus.

Very good vocal. Well done.

For me, piano a bit stiff sounding at the start,
like it was a MIDI roll. A bit loud too.

A pedal steel that did more would be great.

A good sing-a-long at-the-pub song,
but in the nicest of ways. :wink:

Nice, I enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Nice track. Well put together. Enjoyed it.


Really nice song - love the chorus most - well done :exclamation: