The order is not yet entered into the system, please wait fo

Dear Coleagues,

I really feel sorry to have to post another thread considering this message: “The order is not yet entered into the system, please wait for the confirmation e-mail.” after purchasing an upgrade to cubase 9 from cubse 8.5.

99,- Euro and the this message!! I read the other thread about this message and I totally agree with the guy who got angry. I though wrote a very poçite message to the asknet support team to check on this issue, just to find out that the asknet support team does not work over the weekend! Ths was saturday morning!

And here I am: on a laptop, without cubase, which i hoped to get up and running over this weekend, loosing expensive work hours, just to find out that asknet won’t help me over the weekend. Instead I had to run over to the bank terminal to check whether i got charged already or not… but I couldn’t find out, because at the same time I bought a road-case at ‘mercado livre’ where on the bank extract i also wasn1t charged, but over another issue (change freight conditions) I entered in contact over whatsapp with that company, which answered me some 10 minutes later, telling me that they got my order and because they already submitted my freight they couldn’t change… everything okay… …asknet meanwhile is an open issue: I don’t know wheteher I already got charged, if I have to buy again, if i DO buy again, and this weekend on a laptop but without cubase. Too many open issues… and 99,- Euro somewhere where I don’t know… WHY did I want to put cubase 9 on this laptop anyway?? If had known I woud have taken cubase 8,5 with me…

Steinberg: at least guarantee a 24 hour 7 day support channel where custumors like me whilling to do everything right will get help. I can’t afford obsolete hours - my agenda is full!

Not sure if your straightened this out yet or if the concern has passed…

I really cant assist the “Asknet” situation but if I understand your post correctly it seems like you have a laptop that you have a dire need to do some work on and you bought the CB 8.5 to CB 9 upgrade to install on it. That order apparently got messed up and now you can’t work on your laptop.

You could install CB 8.5 on the laptop and work with that until you get the CB 9 purchase straightened out. You could download the CB 8.5 software from your MySteinberg account. Of course you would need your USB eLicenser to use 8.5 on the laptop but you would have needed it to use CB 9 too. So I assumed you have the dongle available.

Regards :sunglasses: