The Pain of Installing Cubase

Summary: Why not just have a separate installer for the content?

I am new to Cubase, barely 1 second after getting a Cubase LE 10 license, it’s already a major pain in the neck to me.

I live in South Africa, where (stable) unlimited internet is some kind of unicorn. As you can imagine, I usually HAVE TO use mobile data plans to have decent download speeds (4Mbps). Takes me years to get the installation file for Cubase LE and when I get it, I have trouble getting it to work.

I would like to know why the installation file has to be the entire 15GB?? As if that’s not enough, when I upgrade from LE to Elements, why do I HAVE TO download the entire 15GB library again???
Would it kill Steinberg to have the large content installed separately? I mean, take for example how Bitwig works; You install the very small (~300MB) application, then when you open it, you get an option to install the different packs separately (using their download assistant thing). Even Ableton and Propellerhead have similar ways of installing the large libraries. Is this too much to ask for?

To be honest, I also want to complain about sidechaining being falsely listed as one of the features of Elements 10, but that’s a rant for another day.

Great title for a new song! Try the general forum.

Yes, it is painful too to install a 15 GB application. But Cubase is the best for song creations.

For the past few days I have trying very hard to believe that, but it seems like Cubase is only superior when we’re talking the Pro version. On the limited versions, I can think of at least 3 DAWs that are better for song creations