The Party Is Over

Another good cut that sounds like it could have been on your last album. Keep it up, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the listen. This is the first time I recorded an acoustic drum kit. In fact other than the analog synths, this is our first 100% organic track. Everything is mic’d as well. Challenging but fun.

nice work and a great job on the mix.

What a good song, particularly like the chorus…the song has a kind of Talking Heads feel but better IMHO :slight_smile:
your mixes are always very clean and bright without chopping yer ed of!! something I struggle to do :mrgreen:

good stuff mate!!.Kevin

I agree. I can easily see this being played in CBGB’s during its heyday.

Nicely done.

Where in Queens are you? I lived in Queens Village and then New Hyde Park for years. Now I live in Morris County, NJ.

Thanks for the feedback! Ok grew up in Rego Park/Forest Hills and been living in Bayside for the last decade.

Just had a quick listen, very nice liked it alot.
Kind of reminded my of my early influences like The Jam , Boomtownrats, that rebel vibe.
Creative in both song and sound.

Thanks for the listen. Yes, I agree with your comparisons. Actually a loose blue print for this was Bowie’s “Ashes to Ashes”!

Appreciate the listen Kevin. I always have “mix envy” when I listen to many of the productions in this forum. I wonder if the sound you are hearing in my mixes has also to do with tracking technique and hardware used?

Another great tune and mix! Not much to say here but well done, love the live drums!

Thanks for posting this! Very different music than I’m use to listening to, but it’s very enjoyable. I really like how the snare sits in the mix, not to in your face just right for the song. Cool lyrics too, cool stuff man!

Nice song. For me the vocal has too much affectation. True, many singers – Bowie, Bryne, etc. – were known for their affectations, but they pulled them off, and this one isn’t quite convincing me. But the song, hey it’s quite enjoyable