The paste dialog in montage is gone - user + program error

Hello all

I have - by mistake - marked a wrong selection in the paste dialog in the montage, which means that the dialog is now gone, and always paste the same way :unamused:

The question is: How do I get the dialog back - Can anyone help?

Edit: I just found the following in the manual - but strangely it doesn’t fix it:

Make next choice persistent
If this option is activated, you can select a default option from the menu. This default option is used when inserting audio. However, there are two exceptions:
If the option is not compatible with the context, it is not processed and the default option is deactivated. For example, when using Replace selected range while there is no range selected.
You can fully deactivate this option by deactivating Options > Use default insert action.

Unfortunately it doesn’t solve my problem as the Options > Use default insert action is grayed out

So I still need help


Are you sure that if “Use default insert action” is unchecked, the paste menu is still now present?
It works here.
Else, try quitting WaveLab and relaunch.

I don’t know what happened - but now it seem to work again.
Hopefully it continues to do so - Sorry for the confusion.