The perfect storm? Dorico, high-end VSTs and NotePerformer.

The great thing about NP is how little work you normally need to do with it. Just about the only essential I have found is reducing the string vibrato level to around 30-40 though the default works fine for appassionata sections. I think Arne has intended it to be a tool for quick and easy mock-ups of orchestral music and here it wins in textural transparency and rhythmical drive. A modest sample base with intelligent modelling is probably the way forward but we’re not quite there yet.

And I agree on the comments on inner balance above. Although for instance with VSL (or perhaps Spitfire which is rightly regarded as the “new kid on the block”), the Synchron player has considerably improved things over the VI versions in general there are still noticeable dynamic inconsistencies between patches and instruments which is far less the case with NP.