The Phantom Of The Sustain Pedal

I may have accidentally created a phantom sustain pedal…

I recorded a piano part using realtime record, which I have subsequently deleted because it sucked. Now when I try to play along with the project using MIDI thru, my sustain pedal is being lifted for me, and in none of the places I want. Is it possible that somehow some CC messages have gotten stuck in the void between the staff and the piano roll? Because I can’t see anything anywhere in either Write or Play mode.

My current plan is to just create the same number of bars, copy everything else over and then delete the original bars but thought it might be something worth taking a look at :slight_smile:
Phantom Sustain Pedal.dorico (3.3 MB)

Although the music doesn’t appear in the project, there is indeed some lurking music (not only pedal lines, but also a fair amount of notes), though I can’t figure out how you’ve managed to create this situation. The normal case that could result in this kind of thing would be having created an extra staff or ossia and then remove it again, which (intentionally) leaves the music on those staves behind. Your plan of completely removing these bars and then recreating them seems like the right option to me.

I don’t recall adding or removing any staves, but I have a knack for making a mess of things! Anyway, all good now with the replacement bars workaround. I’ll let you know if I remember how I did it or if it happens again.