The photos for 3. party pluggs

Hi there!

Anybody else experiencing this and know a way around it?

Problem: Sometimes (on rare occations) when taking a picture of a 3. party instrument or plugg, the photo displayed does not show the correct instrument/plugg. It yields the second last taken. Example: if you take one picture of a synth and try the same procedure for a drum, the synth picture will show under the drum name.

I think that was fixed in the C10.0.10 update

I have the 10.0.10!

Top Tip: I had a thought that prehaps these icons would be also handy as track icons and tried importing them. Well as it happens they do… :smiley: and damed fine ones at that with min fuss.

Found a work around, not very satisfying, but works.

Load the instrument/plug as usual and take the picture. (No picture or incorrect picture will appear). Delete the instrument/plug from the rack (No Instrument function). Load the instrument/plug again. Take a new picture. (The previous picture will now load in the picture window).

I find this to work for some instruments/plugs, but as these pictures will appear rather small in tracks or mixer, it is sometimes better to take a snap of a section of the instrument/plug (like name only) to recognize/differientiate it.

Second to the Top Tip:
Include all the useful info in a post, like: Where did you happen to find them in order to import them? :confused:

LOL, well seeing as you asked so nicely, see below Win only I’m afraid.

Create a new project call it Import, and the save it in a folder somewhere convenient like the desktop. Then close Cubase.
Next browse to Documents\Steinberg\VST Thumbnails and copy this entire folder to the newly created “Import Project” folder. So, you now have Top folder = Import project and inside it you should have the project file, the audio folder and the newly copies VST Thumbnails folder.
Now rename it from VST Thumbnails to Track Pictures and do a quick sanity check to make sure you only have one version of each picture.
So, the inside of the Import folder should now look like this Figure 1
Figure 1.PNG
Now open the Import Project in Cubase again, and as you open it, Cubase will ask, “There are Track Pictures contained in the folder that are not present in the default folders would you like to copy them there now”. Say yes….
And that should be it….

They are a bit small on the track bar, much better on the mix window but I recognise Diva’s burgundy anywhere, likewise many other plugins. I tried using text but by the time this gets squished to fit the track lanes its illegible anyway so have found the track pictures work just as well.

Was just a mad idea that I wondered if it would work and didn’t really expect anyone to seriously take me up on it…. But it does work, and I hope this help someone. I always kind of like the idea of track pictures but hated the stock pics and didn’t want to pay for some of the commercial ones that really didn’t suit my work flow, but then I could never be bothered to sit down with photoshop and make all of the up, seeing as there is now a very convenient way of grabbing quick screen shots in Cubase it was a bit of a no brainer really. Hope it helps someone… :smiley:

Added examples of how they look…

Thanks. I can’t believe I didn’t know that Cubase kept stuff in the Documents folder, thought it was all in Appdata. Which does explain why I couldn’t find the plug-in pix. :blush:

Regarding being too small, if you enable the Preview in the selector you can zoom in and also move the image around after zooming.

Another top tip. Nice one… :smiley:

wow, running to DAW to try it out!

Wow - especially LOVE your input channel VU Meters thumbnails! Which plugin did you use to create this snapshot pic? I’d like to do the same (unless you’re willing to share with us the PNG file you used? :smiley: )

Waves VU plugin the one they gave away free a couple of Christmases’ ago, to be honest it’s the best use I’ve found for it :blush:

Thank you!

And yeah I just realized that we can add pics to input/output channels in ProjectWindow BUT they dont populate to MixConsole.
Seems like an oversight on behalf of the Steinberg team.