The piano sound of NotePerformer in Dorico 4 seems to be slightly distorted. Is this intentional?

Dear users, developers and NotePerformer team members,

I think the piano sound of NotePerformer in Dorico 4 is slightly distorted. Is this the intention of Wallander Instruments or Steinberg? Or is it the sound characteristics of the piano in NotePerformer? I am sorry that I could not compare the same sound in Sibelius and Finale, but I could compare it with the Steinberg instruments provided as an option when installing Dorico.
I attach an instance of an extracted mp3 audio file by Dorico.
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Best regards,

Whether a particular sound is preferable to a given user is hard to judge, but I’m sure neither Arne Wallander nor the sound folks at Steinberg “intend” for it to sound bad.

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Yah the NP piano - by itself at least - isn’t great. It sounds like a kind of decimation distortion to me. I can’t stand it - I’ll always override with Ivory every time.

I think I read somewhere that the NP piano is designed to be heard as part of an ensemble, not as a solo instrument.


Translation “the piano is freaking hard to sample and sound good” :grin:

Said it before - Ivory nails it.


The funny thing is that the sound of the NP piano is still more vivid and realistic than the Garritan included in Finale and various pianos for Kontakt included in Native Kompletes, which sound clean or computer-sounding. Many piano sounds seem to be filtered through LPF because they sound a bit dark, but the NP piano is not, despite the distortion. The Ivory Piano is not cheap as a solo instrument.

Oh, it could be right. I also noticed it when using NP piano as a solo instrument.

Pianoteq is also quite good (and more affordable).


Removing or disabling the inserted compressor in the output of the mixer reduces distortion.

I can’t imagine either Steinberg or Wallander wanted an instrument to sound distorted. It’s just not the greatest piano. As others have said there are really good pianos available. I often use The Grand by Steinberg, even though it gets no love from them now. It’s quite nice.

Could you enlighten me as to how to access that compressor in the menu please?



Ah, it’s in the Dorico mixer, not the NP mixer.