The picture says it all...

I failed to realize nothing. The decline is in dollars, duh. The unit is generally $1 per track. That has not changed in 5 years or more. People are not paying the same for the same amount of music, and anyone who comes up with such a ridiculous postulation is surely making conjecture that cannot be backed up with facts.

What exactly made those people greedy? Because they made money? Your logic fails at every turn.

Anyway who cares about the sales. This is art. Any revenue is a bonus. Anyone making music where profit is the priority over making art IMO.

I’m actually pleased capitalism is progressively disappearing from music making. I’ve seen too many creative musicians, including myself in the past, getting stressed over commercialism dictating the direction of the art.

Case in point. Good friend of mine. Very talented Dance producer. Was asked to do a remix of a famous 1980s hit for the composer of said hit. Remix was rubbish. yet this guy’s normal output where no commercial shackles are imposed is fantastic.

I used to autonomically view music and commercialism as a natural relationship. But these days I realise it’s not a good thing.

So bollox to the corporate music business. Sooner it dies the better. And long live people making music for music’s sake.