The play cursor should jump back to the start position when stopped

I would like the play cursor in Spectralayers Pro 11 (ARA version) to jump back to the start position when playback is stopped by pressing the space bar. It should behave the same as the same option in the DAW.
I would like this feature for spectralayers (ara version) in presonus studio one.

The Steinberg support linked me to this forum because other users can also speak out in favor of the feature here and so the need can be assessed representatively.

ich möchte, dass der play-cursor in spectralayers pro 11 (ara-version) bei “wiedergabe-stopp” durch drücken mit der leertaste, zur startposition zurückspringt. diese möglichkeit gibt es ja auch in jeder daw.

I only use standalone and can set the cursor to stop or return to starting point.

I don’t know if it works the same with the ARA version, but in Standalone you can set the default Playhead behavior under PreferencesInterfaceDefault Transport Options → check Return to Start Position on Stop.
You can also set and change the behavior for each open file/project under TransportReturn to Start Position on Stop.

It could be a Feature Request. In Cubase, you can set it as an option in preferences. To jump back to start playback position, when you hit stop / spacebar.

And I agree, I would also love this feature to be implemented :slight_smile:

It could be really nice, if you had the same overall playback start/stop etc. features imbedded from Cubase.


We already have the option to return to start position on stop like @Laturec described as follows:

Or you can set it in Transport>Return to Start on Stop.

To make this work in the ARA version in S1 you would probably have to use SL11’s local transport functions - with the focus on SL11 try using Ctrl+spacebar.

Or make the necessary settings in S1 (similar to what @SLL describes for Cubase.

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hi stringray,

i’m so glad! Thanks to you, I found out that the keyboard command “CTRL+Spacebar” produces the desired result. I tried “Shift+Spacebar”, as it says in the spectralayers menu. And I also simply changed the keyboard command so that now I only have to press the space bar.

Thanks to you!

Problem solved!

oh no,

problem not solved.
i have closed studio one, i have opened studio one and then it doesn’t work again.

Try to perform the same exact changes in the preferences of the standalone version of SpectraLayers, that is, not in the ARA extension inside S1, and then quit SL.

Maybe that will work better when you open SL inside S1 the next time.

thanks marshall,
but i have tried another way and it works now.
I completely removed the keyboard shortcuts for the two actions in question and then assigned only a single keyboard shortcut to the desired action.

The actions are in German for me and I don’t know if they have the same name in English as Google translated them to me. but below I will show you how it is translated for me.
The following actions have the following keyboard command:

Action Keyboard shortcut
Play > Preview or Stop Space (the second keyboard shortcut is deleted)
Play > Play or Stop (both keyboard shortcuts are deleted)
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