the play line (Problem, need help asap) please.


i need help… like u can see :

my “play line” is TOO BIG/fat… so large !

(on the screeny i put an yeloow arrow on it…)

how do i make it / personnalize a simple yellow/blue/red line for it ?

i cannot click well for looping/intervals etc…


Preferences --> Transport --> Cursor width. You can change it to a smaller value, default is 1 or 2 I think.

I’m finally starting to get used to it, but there is absolutely no way to make it the nice, fine, simple line it was previous to Cubase 7. Apparently on Mac it was this way already. I just don’t understand. I still want the nice, single line cursor back. The thick double line clouds the view when doing super zoomed in editing tasks.

thanx but this is no good !

why do u need black+white+black cursor ??? (i wear glasses, i can see.)

i need a simple line (i dont care the width).

i would like it to some colors… (why not)

can i personnalize that in a .XML config file there ?? (like 0.1…)