The plug-in "DMXIS" could not be found ....?????? its right there.........!!!!!!

Hi there,

Ok straight to the point. loaded a session to tweek lights and it tells me the dmxis plugin is missing but it is right there in the drop down menu. Everything is up to date software wise etc. DMXIS s a light controller that you can use within your daw to control your lights. I have been in touch with the actual company who make it and have had no answer which is worrying. If i reselect the plugin all my automation disapeers. tried copy and pasting but that is a whole new bag of worms right there. essetially it just copies and pastes the first automation line and then your screwed. tried copy and paste for one at a time but but that dosnt work either for some reason. I have a hole one hour show programmed over maybe 30 different automation tracks and all go to the dmxis insert. Been using cubase since atari day and i cant figure this out. Please if anybody has any ideas im all ears as this is a major problem for impending gigs.