The plug-in "uv22 hr" could not be found

OK just started with Cubase Elements 11, coming from VST and SX land. I get this error message when loading pretty much every project I open (new or imported from SX):

“The plug-in “uv22 hr” could not be found for Insert 8 Channel “BUS 1”!”

How can I fix/get rid of this annoyance?

there is a VST3 version for UV22HR available, that could replace the old vst2 version
but unfortunately you have to reload it by hand…

OK great - and thanks! But I can’t seem to locate the file. Any suggestions?

hmmm… maybe it’s not included in Elements
what was the reason to insert this?

See my initial post

there is no reason mentioned for the dithering…
Cubase has a different engine now,
so dither should be not necessary as extra plug-in anymore…

Hello st10ss,

in fact, it is absolutely not necessary to do dithering in every project, only in the cases you will convert bit depth, for example a final 24 bit mix in a 16 bit mixdown at the mastering stage. But, are you saying a dithering plug-in is not necessary anymore, even in this stage? Wow, that was not known to me.


In this particular case mentioned above it is not necessary… the audio engine does dithering if it’s needed
as the final step in Mastering it still could be helpful…
What I was trying to say, most mastering grade plugins for the final step are able to dither the output already…

and all that was the reason why I asked what was the intention … on this position in the chain

I understand, thank you.

I ask myself too why to use dithering as insert in a channel that is not the master and in every project. In any case, Clayton can manually re insert the plug-in in his projects, but it is worth to reconsider if this has sense, depending on what is he trying to achieve.


Okay, thanks for all of the info. Fact is, I do very basic recording, and I do not know what dithering is. I just want to get rid of the error message whenever I load any project I’m working on. I thought perhaps if I got the VST3 version of UV22HR that would do the trick. That file is mentioned once in the help file that came with the program.

Any thoughts/ ideas?

I would say you go to the channel and look if something is inserted in slot 8, although the plug-in is not installed. Maybe you can click and select no insert and then save the project. Unfortunately you should repeat that for all of your projects.

But, reading your first post, I don’t understand why this happens even with new projects. That is funny. Maybe you are using a template that has this plug-in inserted?