"The plugin could not be found" on older project

I recently got a new PC, and reinstalled Cubase and all my old plugins. When I open an old project, however, everything loads, except for FabFilter Pro-Q for some reason, giving a bunch of messages “The plug-in ‘Fab-Filter Pro-Q’ could not be found for insert 3 channel blah blah”. The plugin is obviously installed, and I can open it from Cubase, but it doesn’t want to load when loading this project file.

Any ideas how to remedy this situation? All of my tracks now lost their EQ settings, which sets me back a LOT of work :angry:

Maybe the right version (VST2 or VST3) of the EQ is not installed?

I had the same problem and just got it to work. I needed to install the VST2 version of the plugins and it found them.