The plugin for <instrument name> cannot be found error

So I come back to Cubase after being away from music for a couple of years and on first startup see the old update panels in the Steinberg Hub. It’s been that log can’t recall what versions of various instruments I’m up to and silly me decides to just hit some updates and get everything updated first thing. I figured if I’m trying to update anything tat doesb’t need it or versions I don’t have the Cubase experts will have covered it at install.
HAha yeah right. So I’m guessing when I hit the Halion/Sonic update and install which turned out to be for versions I didn’t have and the process went about removing files and god knows what else my system became open to the vagaries of programmers who like to remove all sorts of stuuff including things not belonging to Steinberg. Now I have no sound on my computer whatsoever, even outside of Cubase. At startup of Cubase I get a bunch of Halion and Halion Sonic presets missing notifications I have to keep ignoring and then no input or output connections.
Of course I have zero sound at all so sorting that is pointless anyway. A quick problem solve effort through windows can’t find the sound fault (Even Windows media player now comes up with an error and won’t play any MP3 or anything) and I just flash back to all the ongoing dramas using this software was and obviously still is. I’ll now lose days undoubtedly sifting through all the faults and possibilities and really do wonder if competitors have so many issues and dramas as this DAW. I mean it’s been a douple of years for me and the culture of the company and it’s DAW development remains unchanged. As I recall it was always a constant complaint from even w\ell versed users of different DAWS just how many bugs and issues this DAW always bloody creates. It’s a process failure. If someone installs an update and it turns out the update was for a version they didn’t have the process should involve a revert to pre installation safeguard, it’s that simple. The bloody continual failure of this DAW development team to run scenarios and fail/check system installs continues to be an ongoing problem. It’s Steinberg systemic.
Such a nice welcome back!! Not

Ah Marvelous welcome back, Every project is apparently suffering this fate now

I’ll just check a few more. Yep every project

Ok I’ll try to remain calm. Does this mean every project is stuffed? Has Steinberg in it’s wisdom of file removal screwed every one of my projects?

No disagreements here re: your editorializing, but before you get too deep I’d consider updating your USB e-licenser if you haven’t already.

Thanks Alexis. I thought the elicenser updated automatically now. I’ll give it a go manually as you suggest.
I now get all this sort of thing as well. It seems Steinberg removed a whole heap of files.

I’'ve updated the e-licenser but still have all the Halion and Halion sonic errors. Every project has lost Halion plugins to VST tracks. I would have to manually go into every project and remember every Halion VST instance for every VST instrument track in every project and re-set up (never going to happen) to try and salvage them if Steinberg can’t resolve all the now missing parameters they removed.
Any ideas on addressing the above snapshots of all the missing data from my projects after a failed Halion update that then went and removed files would be appreciated.

I can’t address why all sound, even ex-Cubase, is broken now. Maybe a system restore can take you back.

I don’t use Halion, so sorry if the following is off base: those messages look very similar to those I get if I open an old project that used Cubase plugins that they have since removed and made unavailable (Reverb A, their old synths, etc.). Is it possible the new Halion has binned some older patches you used in your songs back then?

Sounds to me like you need to delete all of the VSTs (like HALion) and their content software that you installed by mistake, then reinstall the latest version of Cubase again. Hopefully that will restore the VSTs included with Cubase and their content. If the proper content is reinstalled I would think your projects would find them again. You might have to use your latest .bak file if the .cpr does not find the sounds. Good luck.

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Thanks guys. I think all of the above is probably right. I reckon the updates removed some old patches/content. I don’t understand why this should have been affected as well though
Cubase  Errors Argh.PNG
All in all it’s a bloody painful reminder of the systemic issues with Cubase. I stay with it because I know it and don’t particularly want to re-learn another DAW. Sometimes it’s really hard to work out which would be less frustrating and time consuming.

Just to keep things in perspective for others who might stumble upon this thread, the installers do not remove old patches.

While the info given in this thread isn’t granular enough for troubleshooting, what possibly has happened are changes to directory paths, and/or there are entries in the Mediabay database that no longer exist.

(to the OP- the image file in the post above this one doesn’t appear to be related to the thread- is there another one you meant to post?)

The installers did something to all the Halion VST plugins. I have come back to music after a couple of years off but I did play a number of my old tracks first off to remember where I was at and to have a little flashback to what I was doing before the enforced break. I then made the error of hitting update Halion and install Sonic 3. I didn’t check what version I had prior. I incorrectly assumed the install would take care of everything
and like all other software installs outside of Steinberg not start installing anything it shouldn’t without checking current versions installed. I actually watched it start installing and then start removing files. I know that because that is the exact words that appeared during install (Removing files). Now that happens during updates but I don’t know what files were removed. What I do know is I suddenly had all my Halion stuff stop working.
I started up the same projects that worked fine just prior and got all the errors shown in above posts. No tracks utilising Halion VST plugins worked period. I have since worled out I had Sonic 2 and Halion Sonic SE and used both at various times in all my projects. As the install was attempting a Sonic 3 update (which I didn’t have) ít seems to have gone part way through the install then worked out I didn’t have 3 and then reversed itself and deleted some of the files it installed along with unfortunately, data affecting previous applications for Sonic 2 and SE in old projects. I have now reinstalled Halion Sonic 2 (which I believe has all of Sonic SE within it) and Halion Sonic tracks are working. However any tracks that were utilising Sonic SE still have issues. Each instance of Sonic SE has now reverted to default settings and lost the references to what particular sample or instrument set was being utilised within Sonic SE for each SE track. Each will require me to guess/remember what the instrument/sample set was and reassign (I’ll never remember each instance for every project). This Drum track, now with no sound or trigger is an example

I’ll keep digging and try and find the references to what instrument set or sample was being used in each Sonic SE instance on every track within every project but geeze you can imagine what that will entail. It’s laborious/frustrating and all emanating from one attempted upgrade. Just unnecessary.

I thought the sound content in HSSE was slightly different from what is included in HS2 or whatever other version. And some of those might have somehow been removed/moved during the installation process of the wrong software.

No expert here on this concern for sure but…

  • If I had this issue it might be time for a support request.
  • Depending on the outcome of that (or if I didn’t want to submit a support ticket) I would look in my computer “Apps & Features” list (in the settings menu) to see if entries related to the wrong software are listed (like a wrong version of HS and it’s content). If yes, I would have the PC delete those.
  • Then I would open a project (.cpr) to see what happens. If it shows that it lost what was originally chosen then I would try to open the latest .bak file to see what that does.
  • If that too shows it lost what was chosen then yikes!
  • Regardless of the above outcome, I would definitely use the CB installer and see if it is possible to reinstall the HSSE version and content that came with my CB.
  • After that I would check a few projects (.cpr & .bak files) to see if they somehow “remember” the HS or HSSE VSTi sounds used.
  • Regardless of that outcome I would upgrade HSSE to the latest HSSE3 as applicable.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the reply’s guys. I’ll keep working on it all. I’ve already gone through the .bak files and the data is still lost (yes Yikes!).
Ahh the joys of making music. #!