The Position Info Window in the Score editor ?

Hi everyone,

I’m studying the Cubase’s manual and I can’t figure out how to get access to the Position Info Window in the Score editor. I click on the ruler but the Position Info Window doesn’t pop up. Here is the description following Steinberg :

"If you need to fine-tune the graphical positions of symbols and other objects, you should use the Position Info window. This makes positioning easier in two ways:

You get a numerical indication of the exact position of the mouse pointer (and any object you are dragging).

You can move objects or staves by typing in position values.

You display the Position Info window by clicking in the ruler."

Thank you!

Heh. I have learned and forgotten that several times. Click on the X/Y icon in the tools line, or assign a key command to position panel in the key commands dialog.

Thank you! But it was probably a bug : I have relauched Cubase today and I don’t have problem any more to open this windows (by the way, I just have to clic on the ruler, I don’t see at what exactly the X/Y icon refer in your reply ? I don’t see it in the score’s tools). Thank’s anyway.