the position of an ornament sign and an octave shift line

Dear users and developers,

Please look at the following attachment:
Screenshot 2020-01-19 03.08.39.png
I think the short trill sign should be placed below the octave shift line 8va, but it is placed above the octave line.
I have not found an option for the placement under Engrave option.

Should I drag it in “Engrave mode” for individually?
Or do we have another possibility to control the position generally?

Thanks in advance!

edit: András knows better.

There is an other option: in engrave mode there is a property for ornaments, ‘Slur-relative position’ which if you set to Inside the ornament will be place inside the octave line. (Slurs, tuplets and octave lines are processed together to decide their relative ordering, so the property really controls whether the ornament goes inside or outside of those three items).

We would indeed like to improve/generalise the relative ordering of objects in the future, but it’s a reasonably complex problem so will need some time to implement, and it’s not on the short term plans.

Dear pianoleo and András,

Thank you for your kind answers!