The position of the tempo marking and the system text in a score and its linked part


In the following attachment, you see the system text “Nr. 3 Walzer” appears under the tempo marking.

I would like to let the tempo marking be bellow the system text.
Thus, I moved the position of the texts in the score, but it does affect the linked parts.

Are there any method to affect all the other linked parts by moving the position of texts only in the score?

No, the X/Y offset for a text item is layout-specific, and for system-attached text cannot be propagated to other layouts via Edit > Propagate Properties because of the way those offsets are mapped onto the staves and positions in the system where the text appears.

Thank you for your kind explanation.

Sectional information may appear in the same position with tempo marking. In this case, it would be convenient if the tempo marking appears bellow of the sectional information.

The following thread is related to this subject.

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