The possibilites of a DJ VST plugin


I have been pondering about why is it that all music software manufacturers want to typecast DJs and musician into two separate categories. Even Native Instruments doesn’t include its flagship DJ software, Traktor Pro 2, in the Komplete 10 Ultimate package, which is claimed to include ALL “instruments and effects” from their catalogue. I commonly hear “professionals” laughing at FL-Studio as it’s not considered, allegedly, to be able to reach up to the same tier of pro sequencers as Logic Pro, Cubase, Pro Tools and such but, ironically, it’s the only one alongside with Pro Tools (that I know of, that is) that has some DJ scratching pluings bundled within it as a default, and with no additional cost. My main question is that is it feasible for Steinberg to consider stepping into this avenue and develop some simple basic DJing tools into the Cubase line of products, and if need be, possibly charge some extra bucks for a more professional and fully featured version of it, the same as they do with Halion Sonic and Groove Agent, which have LE versions of them bundled with Cubase. I personally think that DJ and musician software shouldn’t be separated at this day and age anymore since they have so much overlapping qualities, and as I would like to think of Cubase as the ultiamte professional, fully featured and complete DAW on the market (well, certainly more featured than FL-Studio, to say the least), I wouldn’t mind seeing something of the like from Steinberg. All right, time to pull me back onto the ground and bombard on my silly dreams of becoming a virtual DJ in addition to a music composer/producer within the same DAW, so please have ait it and lay down the tough realities of we most likely not getting one.


Well, there are the DJ-EQ plugin and LoopmashFX plugins in Cubase that should be able to cater to some of your needs.

i would be happy if a third party made one in vst format.

a vst version of traktor would be handy to use.

You can say that agian. I was wondering about buying a Numark Mixtrack Pro II controller and the Traktor Pro 2 software but decided to hold out for awhile to see if there are some VST plugin type alternatives since I’m not really looking into doing any kind of live action so I have no need for standalone-only DJ software. What I want is just some basic playback direction, speed and pitch control for WAV and MP3 files via MIDI inside my Cubase mixer, like they do in FL Studio, and to my knowledge, also in Torg from Avid’s Pro Tools. I’m sure that kind of basic plugin would be really easy for Steinberg to realize, and it would make Cubase so much more complete of a DAW than what it is without one.

Those are good plugins all in all but they don’t allow me to do any scratching with a MIDI controller.