the possibility of a comprehensive recall data explorer tool


Is it ever possible to add a menu (or maybe a sepparate tool) to inspect all recall data from a cubase project so that I can read which patchnames or parameters that are used ? It would be convenient to be able to select per category or per instrument, when you want to work on an old project that you can then review when some older plugins have new versions that wil no longer load in that old project. This way I could inspect patchnames or parameters to select in a new tracks.

…and i’m still waiting for this to happen. Such a troubleshooting tool would be useful to pinpoint a problem as to why a plugin isn’t loading a patch properfly… (i know it’s a huge necro but is there really nobody who was curious enough ? (well before you ask, I can’t program)

there’s all kinds of tools out there to analyze and view structures of other files like game packs and even audiofiles.