LOVE the up-grade price!

Right on Yamaha…I mean Steinberg…



This was a pleasant surprise.

What’s the upgrade price? Having trouble finding a store that already has it…
149.99 USD upgrade from C5/C4 :sunglasses:

Wow, that’s cheap. Let’s hope the AUD price isn’t going to be too over the top this time. I’m hoping for no more than $200. Or since the AUD and USD are now equal, $150 AUD would be perfect. Thanks for the reply.

For me, the PRICE to upgrade is way beyond the price of the software. I need a new DAW, UAD cards, etc. and who knows what headaches to go along with it.

If it ain’t broke I don’t want to fix it. Cubase 5.01 is stable could ever be.


errrrr…isn´t that their usual upgrade price??
With all the upgrades I bought over the last 10 years, I could have bought the whole software several times over. 600 for a new package, 150 for an upgrade…sorry that´s not very balanced and does not really encourage me to keep up with every upgrade.

From 4 to 5 it was 199,-. With other words, the update price is 25% less than last time.

if you didn’t buy any of the versions you could sit on your back porch and play banjo for 10 years and only buy Cubase 6 which would come with a pretty steep learning curve. Now you’ve paid for the access to recording software for 10 years. Are those 10 years wasted time? And what if you were into golf or speed boating, how far would that amount of wasted money on the horrible Cubase program have taken you? :wink:

ok you win… :mrgreen:

Yeah the price caught my eye too! £126 here in the UK and they’re usually in the region of £150-£160… having no paper manual may make a bit of a difference though… personally i won’t miss it as i struggle to hold books these days… not even touched the one for C5 in 18 months!
hmmmmm might get a few quid for it on ebay! :wink:

That, Sir, is a brave thing to say on the internet! :sunglasses: