The problem of being Early bird user. A way to make things more fair for the loyal clients

I’ve already bought Dorico 4. There are a lot of the things I wanted (and I shared them in the forum) implemented, so I couldn’t be happier… except I can.

There’s something I don’t like about Steinberg price policy. If you buy a product first day, you won’t have any discount, but if you wait you will have a 30 to 50% discount, as well as the possibility to have a grace period, like it happened now. It’s unfair for the loyal clients.

A way you could improve this is to allow pre-buying the next upgrade in the sales period, so I could’ve bought Dorico 4 upgrade in August (having already Dorico 3.5) at a discounted price, like the ones that didn’t have Dorico 3.5 at that moment.

Yes, this grace period was very unfair to the loyal client. REALLY unfair. However, I love Dorico and I bought it first day, but I think you should re-work this.

It’s even worse in Cubase.

Daniel has already answered thoroughly. There won’t be any x.5 versions anymore, so that this kind of discrepancy no longer occurr in the Dorico scheme.


There was also a monster thread about this two weeks ago. Time to just enjoy D4 and move on.

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Adding to the good replies you have already received, I commend you on the tone with which you expressed your complaint. I understand how you feel, and Daniel has stated his understanding of this as well.

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