The problem of Event Names obscuring data can be resolved?

I need/use event names quite a bit, but the fact they obscure data is a bit of a problem for both audio and MIDI.

Gif of problem

You can see once zoomed in I cut a note I could not see

requested solution, move/re-scale data down when Even Names enabled

Also, please separate Event Icons, from Event Names. When Event Names if off, the Event Icons (Time Stretch, ARA2, Shared Copy, etc) also disappear.


One problem I just thought of with this, is that it could give a waveform within an audio event the appearance of being quieter than it is. So, if Event names are on, there would have to be some sort of ‘0db’ clip line below the Event Name for the entire width of the event to show users where the absolute peak of audio is.

+1! (Sorry, I have no votes left.)

This bothers me too. At the moment I am using the key command and live with the notifications flashing on screen, but dynamic labels would be much better. You imagine them going up/down, I imagine them going left/right! :laughing: Well, as long as they get out of the way, it’s fine by me!

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Hopefully, it’s not only votes that are looked at but the practicality and logic of the feature request. Some FRs are just obvious design improvements that should be implemented ASAP for the benefit of everyone.

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