The problem with some plugins: stupid naming

Seriously, some plugins I own have names that makes one want to facepalm hard.

I mean, is it REALLY necessary, for example, that Fabfilter prefix all plugin names with their company name? It’s very counterproductive to do that, because it makes plugin names only harder to read than necessary.

Or the UVI workstation… or “Drums - Groove Agent”.

So please give us the option to rename plugins to something meaningful and easy to read in the plugin manager. :slight_smile:

I mean, come on, it can’t be that we have to pay the price for the freakshows in marketing departments with all their cafe lattes and turtlenecks and their “stylish” glasses not being able to contain themselves. :imp:

Being able to regroup and reorganize them is nice. But…
I would like to be able to “rename” a plug-in… I have one that is not capitalized and it bugs me… :laughing:

But, seriously…


+1 hopefully the Plugin Manager is just step 1 and they add more features to it… like rename plugin

And Drag’n’Drop from the Plugin Manager straight to the insert slots (and/or track, like in Studio One).

The new “intelligent name abbreviations” is, NOT that intelligent, IMO :facepalm:

Though as a last resort it would be nice to be able to rename my FabFilter and T-RackS plugins it would be nice if there was some sort of VST guidelines for plugin names so that I wouldn’t have to. Perhaps in VST4?

Actually, rather than rename all my plugins I would rather have a blacklist of words not to display. Much easier to add “FabFilter” and “T-Racks” to that list and be done with it.



Load the same plugins, FabFilter, Sonnox etc, in Cubase 6.5.

Then take a minute to think about why they changed that, to the new “Intelligent Abbreviation” scheme. Who in the right mind…?

Again a change nobody asked for :confused:

There has been one since VST 1 …

Problem is that there is a bunch of people in this world, devoid of both intelligence and common sense - and they work in marketing departments all over the place.

Habits: girlish cafe latte, turtlenecks, utterly stupid and counterproductive ideas

One of the “marketing people habits” is, for example, to have an urge to mark territory with their brand names wherever they can.

Regardless of usability concerns, all that matters to those zombies is “get everyone as exposed to the brand name as much as possible”.


I am forever having to expand the mixer console every time I want to zoom in to find which plugin I’m using on which slot. Even 3840x2160 resolution is completely wasted when the mixer is expanded to maximum size all the time.

Hey jim.

The b in FabFilter has taken a dive (see your signature) :wink:

PS. What was wrong with, and why Steinberg did have to change the way name abbreviations worked in C6.5 is beyond me :confused:

Haha. FapFilter. I imagine that is intentional, expressing his overflowing joy in using the product line.

I was about to post this and a search turned up this thread.

T Racks are my worst. They ALL say “T-rac”. Have to open them to remember what they are.

Being able to do this in the Plugin Manager would be perfect.

Essentially the same function available now in the Remote Control Editor.

NOW . . . I was told last night by a guy at a “Club Cubase” thing that you can just re-name the .dll file . .
Says he does it all the time. I guess that would only be with 2.x plugs - since 3.x plugs don’t have individual dlls?

Any Computer/Programming geniuses care to comment?


Although the TRacks plugs are VST2, I think they are tied to their installer crap. So you can’t rename them. I’m not %100 sure on that. But … lets hope “friendly names” are coming to the plugin manager.

Absolutely, and I’ve learned by my own behavior, that I abhor this and that I have actually avoided brands that do this, when possible. Unknowingly at first, now I’ve started to deliberately not go to many of them.

Starbucks is one of them. We used to go there at my previous job, and we ended up getting so sick of bringing the name into sarcastic jokes that we actually ended up going to a local coffee shop down by the University instead. Farther to drive but cheaper coffee and the people are more down to Earth (e.g. less occupied with selling, good or bad, I don’t think they care one way or another).

I feel saturated, and I think it’s because there are fewer brands than before. It’s hard to find anything that is not MEGA-branded. LOL, it really is ridiculous when you think about it. They’ll end up making people seeking out local no-names.

+1 for renaming in the PlugIn Manager

Please give us an example of “superior” renaming skills… :sunglasses: