The problem with some plugins: stupid naming

forget it… my mistake.

This is useless

This is just annoying … even though I love GForce and don’t believe they did this intentionally

Fabfilter Twin 2 -> Twin 2
Drums - Groove Agent -> Groove Agent
UVIWorkstation5 -> UVI Workstation

Now that it’s been mentioned, I do rather miss the capability in SONAR where I could drag an plug-in into a mixer slot. Since we have the new panel on the right, why not add a plug-in browser as a third tab and be able to drag and drop from there?

As to renaming, why not. I could not be all that difficult to implement and might be highly useful for identifying plug-ins with long names once they’ve been inserted.

So +1 plus +1 = +2.

So in fact I’m looking at one particular zoom-in level right…?
For instance starting off with the words BC Chorus 4 VST (Stereo) as an insert in the MixConsole,
I can reduce this to BC Chorus 4 VST
BC Chorus 4
BC Chorus

The lack of “zoom” within the Inspector obviously does not allow for this.

Loading the same plugin in Presonus S1 V2 - the letters cut-off giving BC Chorus 4 VS or BC Chorus 4 VST(S or BC Chorus 4 depending on Zoom setting of Mixer; the inspector like the one within Cubase has no control over this…

Similarly loading long named plug-ins within Ableton Live produces names that are cut-off mid “sentence”

My take on this - a non-issue for the making of serious music… :sunglasses:

An alias or AKA function would be nice.


same problem here. I wish cubase would allow me to search for inserted plugins in the project, the same way i can search for tracks or instruments in the instrument rack.