The Project contains events that use the same audio... Help Please!

This is a feature that has been around for quite a while but more recently I need a way to efficiently deal with the message.

Whenever I’m working on audio that I’ve copied multiple times within a project and subsequently perform an edit to just one of those clips I am presented with this dialog that says,

“The project contains events that use the same audio material as the event in this editor! Click ‘New Version’ if processing should apply only to the edited event!”

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 6.19.15 AM.png
The message is straight forward enough and I understand if I want the edits to apply ONLY to the audio clip I am working on and not any of the duplicated audio clips then I should click New Version.

Otherwise, if I click “Continue”, then all duplicated audio of the same click will receiving the edit changes.

The problem (or maybe just an annoyance) to me is while most of the time I do want the edits to apply for all dupes of the clip; I just want to click “Please don’t ask again” and go on my happy way.

But the caveat of doing that is that when I do want the edits to be affecting only the 1 audio clip; I don’t get the dialog option to select “New Version” :frowning:

So its somewhat of a catch 22 scenario for me. Either I opt not to be prompted to speed up the work flow and not have that annoying popup for every single time I perform the most smallest edit to the clip; or keep being nagged by it because I may just want the New Version option accessible.

How are you guys dealing with this? Are there any short cut keys that can be used to toggle between the prompt on and off? :open_mouth:

Looking for suggestions to smooth the work flow

Hi, for that (and many other preferences that I change around all the time depending on what workflow suits me best at a time), I have a bunch of keycommands setup to change preferences on the fly
Just assign a KC to that specific preference !

I made a KeyCommand for Audio → Bounce Selection. (consolidate clip)

That way I can quickly create a new wav, which will not affect any other audio. It will also “flatten” all direct offline processing etc.
It is destructive, yes, but when I know what I want to do it’s not a problem.

If you want to keep a non destrucitve workflow but do not want to toggle the preference as I do, I think you can change your keycommand to :
Edit > Functions > Convert to RealCopy


Thanks for the replies! I think the key command route is probably going to get me what I want but I don’t see any assignable commands that would essentially turn that preference on or off?

Is there a specific preference that does that?

The Convert to RealCopy is useful to alleviate the prompt but then how would you re-enable the prompt afterward?

The preference is not On or Off it toggles between three states

Preferences - Audio - On Processing Shared Clips

Convert to real copy command prior to F7 (open DOP) is probably faster for what you want to do and no impact on the preference that you can leave to “Open Options Dialog”.

You should just make yourself a macro which would :

  • convert to real copy
  • direct offline processing

Only one key command then !

Perfect! Thanks.
It took me a little bit to figure out how to configure out your suggestion but I’ve got it now and its just what I needed. :smiley: