The project could not be replaced!

Hi, I am hoping someone can sort me out here as this is just really bugging the hell out of me now. I recorded all my projects I have done so far with Cubase 5 on my old xp comp. That comp got infected by a pretty nasty trojan (Koobface) and I could only start it up in safe mode. After many attempts to fix it we gave up and installed the win7 which I bought a while ago. I set everything up again and then open up a project and do something on the project. Then all of a sudden when I am in the middle of something a window pops up and says "The project could not be replaced! It has been stored as new file xxx-01.cpr instead!
I don’t even have to do anything on some of the projects it just pops up. Or sometimes I try to save the project and that window comes up again then says it will be saved as whatever its called 01.cpr or 02 etc. when project has 9 cpr files now I’m getting lost.
Anything I can click to stop it please?


Cubase has made a copy of the original project file.

p.s. did you re-format your hard drive?

My projects are all stored on an external hard drive and never on my actual PC hard drive except the newer ones which work fine with no pop up messages. I don’t think the hard drive was formatted. Waiting on a new power pack to rebuild my old XP up because I totally dislike windows 7. On XP my running processes was about 300mb on average but on win7 it goes to well over 1gb and I haven’t a clue what I dare turn off. It’s on 970mb at the moment and I’m not doing anything. :open_mouth:

As far as your running processes are concerned, it would depend on what version of XP vs what version of W7. W7 could be loaded with a lot more bloatware thats running in the background, many of which could be disabled in the startup menu. I was running XP Pro SP3 which gave me more of a bare bones OS as does my current Vista Business OS. If I went with Vista Ultimate, I would be experiencing more background running processes due to more media programs. You should find out how to tweak your W7 system to your specifications before making an unfair comparison to your otherwise accustomed OS in XP. Keep us posted.

Going with W7, Cubase may determine that your project data takes a slightly different protocol so it’s probably rewriting your projects and saving them under the different file name. In this case, you will be unable to save the projects under the old file names while you are on this system. This is normal and quite alright as long as it will reopen the files without incident.
I am guessing that you will only get the pop up page when you try to introduce the non-updated files or try to save them under the old file name. After they are all converted, you shouldn’t have this problem. Again, keep us posted.

Much of the “bloat” is actually services that operate in the interests of stabilizing the system, such as various networking services and the Windows Desktop Manager.

Basically with XP -vs- Vista/7 insofar as the latter is concerned you have a much greater chance of recovering from system problems than as per the former system.

Understood, but the bloat I speak of refers to the media services for video/audio recreational additions that don’t come with the pro and business versions. I’m betting that you will see many more uneeded applications in the startup menu in the home premium and ultimate versions that can be done without concerning DAWs.

XP was pretty gentle with me anytime I needed to restore back to a previous date to clear any system problems I may had incurred. Generally, I would only need to do this when needing to reset previous settings. Never really had bad system problems involving blue screens that was the fault of the OS. Usually a bad driver I could sort out.