"The project file has been moved" warning. Help!

I am getting The project file has been moved! warning in Cubase 6. This is a project from Cubase 5. However, I opened it last week and did some work. Now this message. It says the path is on my BU Drive. I am working from the Audio drive, not the back up.

Which do I choose: Old(2) or New(1). Thanks.

I think Cubase still reverts back to where the original files are. Whichever you choose, old or new, make a backup of the project to a folder that you want to work from. Cubase is always very picky about the original location the project was started from and remembers it like an elephant. Until you make a backup - for that project the source location is where you decide it to be.

I believe you can also click on a button called “Locate Files”. If I recall this will open a window that allows you to point to where the audio files are (probably just in the audio folder for the project) and Cubase will find them and sort everything out. Once you’ve done this, and then re-save the project, the next time you open it it’ll open normally.

I often just copy a project folder from one drive to another for backup purposes. When I do this, and then open the project from the backup drive, Cubase post’s this message. Thats when I just tell it to locate the files, point it to the audio folder for the project (on the backup drive) and everything gets sorted out.

Hope this helps.