The Project File Modified note

When I press CMD+S (Save) I get this

Why does this happen? It seems to be only one file, the rest of the files are fine. Even if I close the project and open it and Save, it comes back.

… and now it is gone. What triggers this note? I have no other (known) processes accessing the file.

It depends where the project is saved, I suspect. If you’ve saved the project in a cloud-enabled location such as Dropbox or OneDrive etc., then you may receive a notification that the file is changed if the background processes for those apps do something. I can’t say with certainty exactly why the file is changed, only that Dorico has detected that it is.

If you’re the only person working on your projects and you’re not working on multiple computers, it’s safe to turn off these warnings, which you can do in the Files section of the General page of Preferences.