The Project logical Editor and Eucon Macro Thread

This is a thread where we can share and exchange PLE commands and Macros. I’ll start

Color all Selected tracks:
This is 1 of 16 PLE commands I created to quickly change the color of all selected tracks.




I created a page on my Avid Control that is dedicated to colors and 1-16. No more SHIFT/CLICK


I always hated naming all the tracks when I built up sessions. I like how you can select a bunch of group channels in the VST connections window and ALT name and they’d all follow. I wished that there was something like that for audio tracks. Here’s an example of a PLE I made for dialog tracks




This command will locate and select all tracks with “audio” in the name and rename them to DX A followed by a number starting with #1. It is also set up to rename any track that is currently selected. I have multiples of this command for DX B,C,D,E SFX, BGS, MX etc etc. These are all on a group of naming pages on my Avid Artist Control. Unless I’m on a series, I no longer start with giant templates because set up happens SOOO much faster now.


Now that my naming conventions have been standardized, selecting groups of tracks is much faster now also.




No matter where I am in a session or where my controllers are banked too. I can hit my DX A Select button and everybody jumps to my DX A tracks since they are all now selected. Rinse and repeat for all your other categories. From here it just a just a button push or key command away to REC ARM, MONITOR, READ/WRITE, SOLO, MUTE, TOGGLE LANES, OPEN CLOSE FOLDERS etc.

That is just the PLE. You can follow this up with macros. In fact if I wanted to select all my fx tracks and delete all the muted unused regions… That could be one button.

I want to see if we can exchange our PLE sets instead of writing them out so here is a test.

There are 6 PLE presets in here. They are all for SOLO, MUTE, READ, WRITE, REC, MON of the selected tracks.

If you are on a windows machine, they go here C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Nuendo 5.5_64\Presets\Project Logical Editor

I do not know what the Mac equivilent is, but if you are savy enough, please tell me if these PC xml’s work on your mac. I know from experience Key command XML files will work on either platform so this might work out.

Let me know if this works


I’m looking forward to checking these out… and maybe they just aren’t uploaded yet… but I’m getting nothing when I hit the link. Well, it says “untitled”…

Is it me?

EDIT Of course it was me. Just didn’t see the 15 times I downloaded it… :blush:


I’ll upload mine during the week.
You can check the Comp to New Track macro in the other thread.

Not a real macro but a nice workflow:
If you are using a control surface which allows to assign/lock a single fader to selected track, the combination of preferences: Sync Project and Mixer & Track Selection Follows Event Selection makes a killer combo: as soon as you touch event the VST mixer and the physical fader a synced; killer for adjusting plugins on the control surface without clicking mayhem.
You can also add another preference : Automatically Select Event Under Cursor for more auto approach :slight_smile:

that one is a time saver!!!
It makes me wonder: if I adapt it for normal mixing (using for example vox1,vox2,…) and follow it with Link Channels command, instant VCA :slight_smile:
With Drums the track name has to contain “drum” i.e kick_drum, snare_drum,
hihat_drum!? LOL

Can anyone tell me if they have been able to use the PLE xml files I posted?

I’d really like to develop some sort of preset exchange

Yes, definitely. The “READ” and “WRITE” presets didn’t work for me, which may have to do with differences between N4 and N5.

But the others work perfectly-- and will soon have a button home on the MC Control. Great that you’re getting this started.

I’m going to take your advice and hunker down with the manual when the smoke clears around here-- whenever that may be.

Nice work!


Here are a few nuendo macros that use regularly. Particularly with dialog editing and layered sound fx, I like to set myself up with defined loops that i’ll use for automation of a given sequence. Unfortunately, Nuendo does not react very well with hard cut automation at the tip and tail of events and it’s often necessary to pad the automation by a couple frames to avoid clicks and pop ( SB, anytime you want to fix that like protools did, that would be great).

So when I have edit complete, I select the bits I want to include and I use this.

Audio - events to part
nudge - start left
nudge - start left
nudge - start left
nudge - start left
nudge - start left
nudge - start right
nudge - start right
nudge - start right
nudge - start right
nudge - start right

This basically wraps an event box around my edit with the automation padding of 5 frames on either side built in. This also serves another function. Let’s say you have a dialog line built from multiple takes that you want to smoothly apply an offline process too. When you wrap the edit in an event box, you double click it and you’ll see lanes activated. Just copy your edit down to the next lane and bounce it as one file. You can then apply your offline effects to this new version and always have access to the edit if you need to change something.

Checker Boarder
This one gets a lot of use on background amb editing. In a nutshell, take your background track and run it the entire length of the scene. Then scroll through and make a cut on every camera cut. Don’t worry about fades. Be sure there is an empty or available track from the same food group below. Turn on AUTO SELECT EVENTS UNDER CURSOR and select the first event in the line and then run this.

Transport - locate next event
Nudge - down
Navigate - up
Transport - Locate next event
(you may need to add another Navigate - UP at the end)

Assign a key command and it will step through placing every other cut onto the track below.


Select all the parts and …

The Two Frame Kick Out
nudge - start left
nudge - end right
audio - apply standard fade in
audio - apply standard fade out.

If your standard fades are 2 frames, then this is the macro for you!

After your done, you can use the Part Maker macro to wrap up the events on both tracks as a part and it’s ready for automation.

Just wanted to resurrect this thread. Seems like Jesse is the only person really using the PLE to it’s potential–and there’s a LOT of it. No one responded if these PLE presets could be exchanged and I’m not able to download the .zip as the link is no good any longer. If they are made available to me, I’ll test them out on my windows machine.

Thanks, for reviving this thread I would have missed it otherwise.
I too have not used the PLE much, but now I will. Thanks to everyone.

Can you explain how to map this to the Artist controller.


Create and test the PLE preset first.

restart nuendo

Then you’ll be able to find it in the EUCON menu
Eucon-keycommands-process project logical editor

The link to the presets is dead. Any way you can upload again? Or am I doing something wrong?

I don’t have it anymore

Hey guys, question…

I have always wondered how to use the PLE.
I am still on N3.
The PLE is only listed in the working with midi pdf.
Can the PLE be used for audio tracks, and to write PLE routines for any portion of the program, or just midi related functions?


You can do a lot with it, not just midi

After taking a look at the user manuals I see that Since I am still using N3 (not by my choice)
I will not be able to use the PLE because is wasn’t introduced until N4.

I look forward to the day that I can do things the smarter way.

bummed out Brain

Hey guys, I need a PLE for this but can’t seem to make one that works.

What i want is to select a bunch of tracks and have cubase perform the old ‘Use previous track colour +1’ command on them all.

However in the PLE, one can only set track colour.

Any ideas?