The project saving takes tooooo much time! (Cubase 9.5)

Hi I got a big project with a lot of midi tracks, more then 100. The project file size is 30 MB. I just realized, that saving the project takes 30 seconds! And it happens every time autosave is executed, every 5 minutes. And it’s really annoying. Almost impossible to work. I tried to move the project to an SSD, but it didn’t help, definitely it’s not about the disk speed. I knew that it takes Cubase some time to save big projects, but blocking your work for 30 seconds, that’s too much… Any ideas, except for cutting the project into small pieces, which is not possible in this case? May be there’s some option in the preferences (don’t save the project for too long checkbox :laughing: ), that I don’t know about?

You don’t have to have Autosave at 5 minute intervals.

I know that. But I prefer to have it this way.

I’d be looking at my computer then, just checked auto-save on my machine and it takes about three seconds. This is a 56 track 12meg project so smaller than yours but still your save time sounds over long in comparison.

Are you using encrypted drives or going into some auto-backup area (Time Machine or equivalent?)

Maybe take a look here…or if nothing useful there, one of the many other threads you can find in Google.

You said MIDI tracks, but I’m wondering what they are connected to. Rack instruments? Track instruments, external gear?

If there is a lot of VST instrument data that needs to be saved, this will extend save times.

Every thread about long saving times from the last years had something to do with Kontakt or other NI VSTi stuff. Do you use these?

Yes, most of my tracks are connected to Kontakt rack instruments. And yes, it takes a lot of RAM, about 15 GB. But still - the project file, that is being saved is 30 MB. Why so much time???

It is saving VST info as well. I have a similar experience here. I’m checking out Vienna Ensemble Pro at the moment, and I’m afraid that proves, and solves, this problem entirely, at significant expense however.

Your ram usage and project size are similar to mine. I don’t know what specifically is being saved, but I’m in the process of learning about it- likely there are others on the forum with some answers.

From my limited experimentation it would appear that the size of the samples and the number of instruments loaded are part of the scenario. Using VE Pro and midi tracks only in Cubase makes things so light and fast, it’s like 1995 again, using external synth and sample modules.

Also, I did not find that loading Kontakt multis with more instruments and reducing the VST instrument count helped.

Please get in touch with NI. Kontakt saves an incredible amount of data in general.
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So does the Halion line…

Ok, thanks everyone! As I see, there’s no easy solution… :frowning:

Don’t blame Kontakt. I have the same problem saving project with only 30 audio channels, and no midi and vst instruments. But only with one project.

batch resave the entire folder into a new folder everytime you have a milestone and you will trim down. Also finalize your wav processes that are finished. a lean mean session will have an empty “Edit” folder in the project heirarchy. also M2 ssd is a great idea for the actual cubase work drive.