The Proper Way to Adjust Reverb (from SEND)

After watching many tutorials, I’ve learned that the best way to add reverb is to use the SEND FX Channel track, to set the reverb unit to 100% wet, and to adjust the amount using the little sliders in the Project Window or MixConsole. However, what about the purple fader on the FX channel? Do I just leave that at 0.0? A bit confused between using the little slider vs the purple fader? I would think I would only use one of the two?

If in doubt, leave the output fader (purple) at 0db. This fader controls the final output level of the reverb unit. You are correct to set reverb 100% wet and to use the send control within each channel to control the amount of signal you send to reverb.

Obviously if you have to send 100% send to even hear the reverb, then it may have to be raised and conversely if you can’t control the send as it’s too hot, then reduce it. Once it’s in a good place, leave it be and make your adjustments at the sends.

Thanks! I understood the first part but not so sure about this:

Do you mean if the Send slider is indicating a value of 0.00 - is this what you mean by 100%?

You’re referring to the Send sliders (not the purple fader), correct?

First comment applies to the send faders - don’t overdrive the reverb too hard from the sned faders, turn the purple fader up instead, to get an initial working set up.

Second comment applies to the purple fader, once in a good place leave it and adjust reverb sends to desired effect. Hope this is clear.

My send sliders tend to be in the MINUS values…otherwise I find it’s too prominent.
Is this normal? Do you also find yourself using mostly negative values on these little sliders?

Very normal, there’s no perfect level, but you need to allow for sudden audio peaks. I would typically expect to see -14 to -25 as an average level, so that peaks of say 10db over are still safe, but it then comes down to taste.

I would in general say that there is such huge signal to noise ratio in DAWs that it’s better to keep towards lower levels and bring up in mastering rather than run everything too hot within the system