The Rainy Muddy Way (Remix)

This track is about how we , people around this world, have to go through tough times.
For those who are interested, take a listen here:

Stream The Rainy Muddy Way by Stephco | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

PS: As usual i deleted the old version on Soundcloud.

Fascinating. Great title for what this is. Reminded me a bit of Miles Davis – the density of the music, that is.


Thank you Jonathan . (including for the title)
I’m happy you get some emotions with that song. That’s why I love Music.
As a fact i can cry while listening to music, while my wife is telling me that I’m not showing my feelings…

Best mix here. A much more spacious, more dimensioned sound.

Really very good!

Yep. Thank you Rene. I’m happy you confirm. I really start to trust my chains.