The ressurrection of old .arr .all files

Hi there

New here (but actually old Cubase user). Hence this post.

Have recently come back to Cubase in 11 and the new 12. Have to say looks great so far.

This has made me look at some extremely old files from when I used cubase back in the dark ages around Atari - 2005 days etc. From old back ups of songs files I think I left some good stuff there as I moved on to other things. New cubase wants nothing to do with these files so I assume there must be some way of getting them back so as to re use them today?

I’ve briefly gone through a couple of threads and articles saying you need to reinstall a cubase from back then (with dongles etc ) in order to do this ? Really

I haven’t got anything from back then and hope there is some other much easier way than this.
I can’t be the only one that would like to get back some old old archive files from the past and rehash them into new cubase

Anyone have any positive experiences with this? Did you get your old files back? And how?

Any ideas suggestions much appreciated :thinking:

Cubase sx3 was the last version to support import of .arr files. That was years ago so you have been away for a long time. Steinberg keep sx3 available to download so you can run it and convert files. I don’t know if there is a dongle less version. Obviously the top version did require a dongle. There also may be problems getting it to run on win 10/11 but I haven’t tried so I don’t know.

Do a search as this has been brought up many times


Thanks for the reply. Yes I’ve read a few different posts here and there but hardly anyone can say what to do . It seems extremely complicated - download old cubase (but its only an update) then you need a dongle (from 20 yrs ago!) .

I’ve contacted support and asked for some help. I even suggested this - they have an upload service where we can send in old files (.arr .all) and they convert them and send them back. Being these kind of files they are of course really small so no hassle there.

That should be easy to set up? There must a be quite a few people that have this problem that could easily be solved I think .

I’ll see what they say.

Thanks anyways

Good luck with that as it’s been like this for years now without anything being released to convert. You don’t need a 20 year old dongle though.

AFAIK SX3 runs with the same dongle than C11. It should be possible to download and just install it. I also think I remember Steinberg kept SX3 and a suitable license on the E-Lizenser for the very reason of converting old Cubase Atari, Audio and VST versions.

I remember I did this some years ago when I found some old CD-Rs with *arr and *all files from Cubase 1.0 PC days. The then current version was 8 I think and I did download SX3 from the Steinberg FTP, installed it and it would work with the license of Cubase 7.

But that was already quite some years ago, so I don’t really know how that works if you bought into Cubase starting with 11. You might want to just give it a try.

Thanks Rainer

That’s helpful, I’ll download what is labelled the ‘SX3 update’ see if that works with my 11pro elicence and hope for the best .

Thanks again

You need the zip file called “” from the steinberg ftp server.
It’s covered by the 11pro eLicense and will run on Windows 10.
The" SX3 update" will only update a previously installed SX3 version.

Well thought I’d update. A positive outcome! Thanks for the advice good people. Ended up downloading sx3 from here obviously went through the elicencing and loaded up nice on win 10.

Actually brought back many memories looking at that lovely metallic light blue hue of the old software. Loaded in my .arr and .all files perfectly and resaved as cpr’s. Loaded everything back into 12. Really great thing to be able to do.

A heartrfelt thank you to you all.