The return of the "Wait for Video Service..." thing

Hi everyone,

Fresh new install, fresh new Yosemite 10.10.5, fresh new nuendo 7.0.35 so fresh new “waiting for video service” !

My configuration :

  • Mac Pro octo-core early 2009
  • 8Go 1066Mhz DDR3
  • System on a Samsung SSD 256Go 850 PRO
  • 2 x GT120
  • 1 BM intensity Pro set on 1080i50

… And a feature film of 130min (1080p25 Prores 422 Proxy) I’d like to edit with N7, but I don’t feel safe with this damn problem :cry:

I’m only using the original codecs (final cut pro 7 + black magic drivers).
Everything were almost fine with N6.5.40 on OS X 10.8.5. One message per week maximum.

Do you have any clue ? Partial solution ? I’ve read Steinberg is working on a new video player which is a good news, but before having this new implementation, time and work won’t stop.

Thanks for your help

Strange. I’m on 10.10 with N7 and BM Video Hardware…and as good as never had that message.
My Intensity went dead aktually a couple of weeks ago…but even then: A black screen, but no error message. Even this BM hardware problem didnt disturbe Nuendo.


Thanks Oswald for your reply.

Are you working with an intensity pro as well ? I’m considering every possibility and I’m currently wondering if it’s not part of the problem…

I had a Intensity in up to 2 weeks ago. Worked fine, then went dead. Now I have a BM mini monitor in. Works ok.


That’s really odd how Nuendo can work pretty well with some workstations and mess up with others…
I’ll make a try with a lower video profile (720p as for example) to see if it turns better.

Any feedbacks from other users ? Maybe some modos’ advices ?

I very recently solved this problem, perhaps my solution can help. I had Flip4Mac installed on my system and that turned out to be the culprit.

In the meantime you could install the video engine from 7.0, that was my fix until Steinberg figured out the full problem. john.

Thanks Dog and Pony, I’ll try this next week see if it’s better.

After a few tries my video doesn’t seem to be the problem because when I’m working I haven’t got any hang on with video service.
Apparently, It’s due to a long period of inactivity. AE when I’m leaving my project opened for an hour or so without working on it.

I’ll give more news if N7.0’s video engine doesn’t solve the problem.

I’ve made a few tests these last days and apparently, my problem seemed to be… My memory !

I bought 32Go this afternoon and since then, no crashes at all (I had 4 crashes per day last week).
Fact is Yosemite is really hungry concerning the RAM it needs and 8 gigs wasn’t enough for the OS.

Hope it will help a few guys here.

Cheers !

EDIT : An additional parameter was involved. The intensity pro badly handles H.264 with Nuendo 7. From now on, I’m only working with Prores 422 (Proxy) and everything is fine.

EDIT 2 : And don’t forget the DVCPROHDMuxer.component installed by any Apple video app (final cut, compressor, quicktime, …).

No crashes at all since a few days. What a pleasure to work on N7 :slight_smile: